The Bangladesh Team Is Getting Ready For Commissioning

BangladeshGod is good all the time, and that is true even here at Boot Camp! 

The team continues to grow closer together every day with every class, every free time and every difficult circumstance. Our training continues here and every hour we are learning new things in our classes and about each other. Mr. Tom, one of the leaders, challenged the team members to learn four unique things about each other. It has really been fun to hear from everyone. 

The Florida heat has not been that bad this Boot Camp and we have had a nice breeze almost every day. The mornings start out perfect and by our first construction class the sun is up and things are warm again. We all remind one another to continue to drink water, the last thing we want is someone not drinking enough water. 

Evening Rallies have been a great time for our team. The team members have a lot of fun with cheers and they are very creative. Abby and Magnolia have really been giving the team some great ideas for cheers. These two girls are really like older sisters to the group and they help them all stay on track.   

On Saturday night after the rally, Teen Missions put up a big movie screen and played the movie “Mud Sweat and Cheers” for the whole Boot Camp and they made popcorn to go along with it. This was a great time to relax, sit back, laugh and enjoy the show. It made for a late night but this did not slow the team down on Sunday morning at all. 

Sunday the whole Boot Camp competed in the Olympics. Keller did great in the Marshmallow Mash and worked well with the rest of the team. Ryan competed in the Boot Toss and did great. All the team members were able to compete in at least two events. Sunday evening we got to eat pizza and drink chocolate milkshakes! This is such a treat and we all enjoyed it very much. It almost makes you forget that you are at Boot Camp. 
We are now getting ready for Commissioning. As we keep our eyes on Christ as our hope and strength, we ask that you continue to pray for us this week as we finish our classes and start getting packed for our trip to Bangladesh. Please also continue to pray for strength, unity and obedience to God in all things. We hope that we will see many of you Saturday night at the Commissioning service before we
head out.
Ben K – Here at the Lord’s Boot Camp I have learned a lot about God. He has taught me that I need to appreciate everything that I have and to realize that Ihave much more than others. God has also showed me that with Him in your heart and mind, you can accomplish anything. During my devotions I have read about how many great people have done great things. Yet, I have also read about many that have failed. That tells me that if you fail and seek forgiveness, God can still use you.
Ashly H – What’s up? What God has taught me? God has been teaching me to keep on keeping on. Before, I would have given up. But at Boot Camp you can’t, that’s when I pray. Not only has God taught me to not give up but also to lean on Him. I feel like God is really here with me;not just someone who is in heaven. God has taught me how to have a really personal relationship with Him.
Emma R – One thing I have learned and experienced is the power of the devil. He will work on you, try to convince you and it’s hard. If you cant determine if something is from God or Satan, never be afraid to ask for help. Talking it out with a godly person will really help make things clear.
Ryan W – God has been working on me in so many ways! Although this is the hardest thing I have done, it has pushed me to lean on the Lord and trust everything to Him. I’ve learned to listen to the Holy Spirit and I am continuing to do so. I would recommend Boot Camp for anyone willing to be completely changed by Him, because that is what He will do.

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