Zambia Is Ready To Go!

15 ZambiaThree more days?! Wow! Boot Camp has absolutely flown by, which isn’t such a bad thing! We have made it over the hump of the first week and are halfway into the second, and the team is doing so great. It is easy to see the change in them from just over a week ago when they first arrived, praise the Lord! He is doing a mighty work in each of their hearts and I am so excited to see what He has planned for our time in Zambia. 

Tomorrow is the last day of training with the classes and such, and then Friday is pack-out day! We praise the Lord that we are a foot washing team, which means our bags are already packed with the shoes we are taking to Zambia. So this pack out day will not be as stressful as it has the potential to be. 

Pray for us as we finish off Boot Camp, that we will finish strong and that the team would not rely on the schedule and the familiarity of things now, but they would continually be in prayer and fellowship with the Lord, leaning on Him for every need. When things get comfortable and we settle in, we start to slip away from that and it is too easy to do. The whole team is VERY excited to go to Zambia and work there. We are praying that the Holy Spirit would do crazy big God-things through us and that He would pour out His blessings on our ministry there. Thank you so much for uplifting the team with your emails and letters, that is they’re favorite part of the day! 
May the Lord bless you.

“Boot Camp has definitely been unlike anything I have experienced yet. The first few days were insane—learning the schedule, rushing, forgetting lots of stuff everywhere, and constantly stressing. I’ve never known what it felt like to truly rely on God to get through the day. In my comfort zone at home, I’m definitely praying to God to help me get through the hour. God gave me strength through my teammates and His peace. I have learned so much about myself and God so far and I know I will be so humbled as we are the hands and feet of Jesus in Zambia.”   – Becca Christie

“Hi, my name is Trevor and one of the things God has taught me is that I need to trust in my team to help me get through things that I can’t do alone.”  – Trevor Capener

“I came to Boot Camp not really sure exactly what to expect, but I learned very quickly that Boot Camp was going to be a very busy two weeks. I also realized rather quickly that God was here and I felt that people’s lives have been changed forever because of this organization. The people here are so kind and I can tell the leaders here have something that the world is missing. I’m here to find out what that special something is. Throughout this week I have been learning a lot about it, and it’s a long lasting committed relationship with the one and only God. So far I have learned how to grow up and become the man God wants me to be, also I have learned how important it is to have quality time with God each and every day, to give my time and attention to God. Another awesome thing that I am in the middle of learning is how to witness to people and show them the way to Christ. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to spend my summer with. So excited to go to Zambia and do some work for God!”  – Tye Yoder

“In the first week of Boot Camp many things have happened. I have become very close with my team mates and learned more about myself. God is guiding me in different ways. I am learning to have more patience and love toward others. The way I look at things has changed. I feel that God has already changed me after a week of Boot Camp.”  – Sierra Chapman

“Boot Camp is such a crazy place! Some days you barely have time to dress yourself, and the stench is almost unbearable. However, the Lord is doing amazing things here. Personally, my attitude has changed completely — for the better. He has taught me to have joy in hardships and to persevere through circumstances that I am not confident or comfortable in. Boot Camp really isn’t such a ‘terrible place’!”
– Isabelle Unger

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