An Ecuador Team Update

70 EcuadorThere is just one more day of actual training left! This has been such a quick Boot Camp, which I attribute to our great team members and leaders working together. 

I think my favorite part is watching the team members be challenged in their faith. They are seeing what their faith truly stands on and evaluating their personal walks with the Lord. I really can’t wait to see how they use their skills from Boot Camp and who they develop into by the end of the summer. 
During this last week of Boot Camp, the team members have been a little tired, especially as they anxiously await their departure for Ecuador. Fortunately, they seem to be enjoying themselves a bit more as tey get to know each other more and get the hang of the Boot Camp schedule.  
On Sunday, they participated in the Boot Camp Olympics and did quite well. They tied for the “Pig Trough” where they have to drink a little trough full of Koolaid through a straw. They also won the “Longest Boot Lace” and “Flush the Duck.” In rally they won the Godliness Award for helping some Peanuts (our 7-10 year olds). They also won the OC twice. Of course our Boot Camp experience wouldn’t be complete without them losing the Clean Award four times so far. They claim that cleaning the bathrooms is their “spiritual gift.” 
Pray for the team as some of them feel worn out or are still adjusting to our long days. Please also pray that our pack out experience goes smoothly and that everyone feels prepared to go to the team. 
James: Boot Camp is physically very easy for me…But it is spiritually hard.
Margaret: Boot Camp has been great so far. We’ve had Piggy a couple times already, but it hasn’t been horrible because of our team’s great attitude. 
Riley: Coming to Boot Camp has helped me to realize the priorities. Jesus should always be first and foremost, while things like the internet and my cell phone don’t matter so much. 
Hannah M.: I accepted Christ when I was four years old in a Target parking lot. I have loved God ever since and hope to do great things in Ecuador.
Tim: My boots got soaked…and I am coming back next year. 

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