Saint Lucia – Four More Days!

SaintLuciaPraise the Lord! We only have four more days and then we are out of here and headed for the field! The Lord has been blessing the team in so many ways. The kids have really started to come together and are looking forward to what they can accomplish on the field.

The weekend was full of events for all the teams. Saturday we watched the award winning Teen Missions movie “Mud, Sweat, & Cheers” and had homemade popcorn that the kitchen staff made. The team received the Piggy Award for being dirty again, so that means they wore their “I Live Like A Pig” signs during church on Sunday. Sunday after running the Obstacle Course, eating breakfast, and having morning classes, Teen Missions had their own Galilean service where the speaker, Howard Vanderpool, spoke from a large raft floating in the middle of one of the lakes here on property while all the teams sat at the shore. That afternoon Teen Missions had their Boot Camp Olympics with every team participating. Our team did very well. We mostly got second and third place, but we did get 1st place in the pig trough event where the kids were drinking cool-aid from a clean “pig-trough” with their own individual straws and finished just in time before the other teams. For dinner that evening we had chocolate milkshake and alligator shaped pizza and successfully had no one get sick from our team. There were some close calls though. During the rally service the teams had a wheelbarrow parade with wheelbarrows that they had decorated to represent their team. Monday came around and we went right back into our regular schedule. That morning we got nine people over the Wall during the Obstacle Course, so that was a great start to the day.

Quickly time is running out and we are starting to get ready to leave Boot Camp. We are all so excited to see how the Lord is going to use the team as we build a church and evangelize to the people in St. Lucia.

At the beginning of Boot Camp, I didn’t think I would ever come back and now there’s actually a part of me already looking forward to next year. God is my refuge and strength, I just have to remind myself that from time to time. – Alyssa Miller

Greetings Friends! Caitie Mullarkey here on the St. Lucia team. We are on our 10th day at the Lord’s Boot Camp and let’s just say I’m relying on God’s strength and perseverance to help me through. Boot Camp is definitely challenging, but it is worth it because you grow in your knowledge of God and learn to depend on our Lord for strength. If you have the opportunity to go on a trip with Teen Missions, consider it a privilege! God bless ya’ll!! – Caitie Mullarkey

We are adjusting great to Boot Camp. The Obstacle Course is awesome as well! – Kymberly Roaseau

Hi, guys! This is Casey from the St. Lucia team! I am doing great. Like many others, I struggled in the beginning of the Lord’s Boot Camp, but God is helping me through! I’m really looking forward to the days to come! God bless! – Casey Griffis


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    Tomorrow is James’s birthday and I mailed him a card. Hoping it arrives today or tomorrow!

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