The Australia Team Is Recovering From Their Milkshakes

01 AustraliaHello from Team Australia! We are only three days away from Commissioning, and the whole team is very excited to be leaving Boot Camp for Australia! Last Sunday we had the Alligator Pizza and 500-Gallon chocolate milkshake! Some team members overdid it, and a few of them felt the consequences all evening. Still the team was ecstatic and really enjoyed the treat! Each day after lunch all the teams Brainstorm ideas on various topics, and the reward for the winning team is getting to swim in the pool the next day. Yesterday the topic was on fundraising ideas for the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission, and our team won!! Their idea was to host a Color Run here on Teen Missions property. We also received a funny honorable mention for the idea of having  people donate money to see a TMI staff member dunked in molasses! The team has also been running the OC (Obstacle Course) each morning. Yesterday, for the first time, they made it through without being disqualified. They also got most of the team over the Wall, which has really helped bond and unite the team! The team has enjoyed some cinnamon rolls and Mac ‘n’ Cheese gladly prepared for them by their lady leaders. It must have been good because it didn’t last long! Please continue to pray for unity as we prepare to depart for our time overseas. Also, please pray for safety as we travel, rest in this busy time, and guidance in all we do! Here are updates from two of our team members:
Dillon: “Though I almost vomited Sunday from too much milkshake and pizza, it was worth it! God has been speaking to me and telling me to seek Him, and that if we seek Him diligently we will find Him.”
Kayla: “It’s crazy how the Lord’s Boot Camp can bring people together and change lives. The first day I arrived here at Boot Camp, all I wanted to do was go home. I knew this summer would be testing my faith and really make me put my trust in God knowing He is with me always. Just only one week later, I have gained many new friends and a better relationship with God!”   

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