The South Africa Team Is Really Experiencing Unity

28 South AfricaOn June 16, the lady leaders made cinnamon rolls in cooking class for their  teams.  Our girls loved them.
The girls on the team have been improving in their skills in their construction classes. They have been learning to lay blocks in order to be able to construct a building. They have been improving in having unity in the team. Every day they learn something new. They are so excited about going to South Africa. We now have three more days til we leave for South Africa. The girls have helped with keeping us leaders on our feet as they make us laugh every day. We have been praying together as a team every night before going to bed and it has helped a lot in building unity. As a team, they have worked really well together. Everyone’s health has been really good. It’s amazing to see how much these girls have grown since they have been here. It has been a real blessing to be able to lead this team of girls—they all have good attitudes. It’s also great to see that they pray for each other. The girls have been running the Obstacle Course with Cambodia and they have been doing an amazing job working as a team. Tomorrow, June 18, the leaders will be running the OC with their teams. So Caity and I will be running with our team plus with Cambodia. At the Rally last night our team won the Godly award and for that we get to go into the pool today. Keep praying for us as we leave June 21 to go to South Africa. Pray for safety and good health while traveling. It’s also good to see that God has been working in all their lives since being here.
Zhenya Higgins:
I was very nervous coming to the Lord’s Boot Camp. Because I don’t feel comfortable talking and sharing my testimony with other people. Being myself is hard. But spending a week with the girls on my team made it easier. The leaders are very nice. They encourage us in everything we do. It is a challenging place to spend your summer at the Lord’s Boot Camp, but its all worth it.
Laura Beals:
I am so excited to be able to serve the Lord with Teen Missions for my third summer. I cannot wait to see what God has for me and my team while in South Africa. God has really been showing me areas n my life that I need to fix. One is that I have been speaking my mind and sharing ideas at the wrong time, or just things that don’t need to be said. Having a competitive spirit, I feel like I always have to win to be first, or to be right. God keeps showing me and telling me when I need to be silent and to step back. I am loving how our team is slowly getting closer. We have already had some tense moments by getting on each others nerves. But we work it out as a team and move on. I am so blessed, and I cannot even put into words how amazing this team is. I love them all. Praying for all of my family and friends.

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  1. Praying for team South Africa! Looking forward to updates. May the Lord walk before you each moment!

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