The Switzerland Team Is Nearing The End Of Boot Camp

SwitzerlandCommissioning in three more days!! Woohoo!!! I think the entire team is feeling this way. No…the entire Boot Camp! It has been as intense and challenging as promised, but the 13 team members (and three leaders) of the 2015 TMI team to Switzerland have risen to the challenge and in spite of tiredness, blisters, one mild sore throat, and some homesickness, they have all done very well. Need I say that we are ALL looking forward to Commissioning and traveling to Switzerland on Monday? Nah…didn’t think I needed to.

Following the heavy rain of earlier this week, the heat and humidity are worse, and mosquitoes are really starting to be present in large numbers.

Some team members still respond to invitations as the Lord leads, and we now have confirmation that one team member went forward for counseling and committed his life to Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

Aside from blisters, bug bites and sore feet (no one is really used to wearing work boots all the time – even though it has been almost two weeks now, our feet still complain), there have been no issues with illness or injuries, for which we are very thankful. We have KP today, so didn’t run the Obstacle course (translation – no wet feet from the Slough of Despond), and tomorrow, we run the Noah’s Ark Obstacle Course, and that, too, means no wet feet from the Slough. Dry feet are happier feet. After Thursday, we won’t have the Obstacle Course as our time of training is over and our time of packing up begins.

I think our outstanding experience since our last report would have to be winning the Clean Award on Monday with a score of 98 (of 100 possible)…and the pool (we swam in our free period on Tuesday)!

Our goals and future plans for the coming days are to finish our time of training strong and get packed out as efficiently as possible, to Commission, and then, travel to Switzerland. We’ll travel by bus to Miami where, late Monday afternoon, we’ll board a plane that will take us to Switzerland via Portugal. When next you hear from us, we will have arrived in Einingen, Switzerland.


Nathaniel Bay writes: “Had some doubts at the beginning, but as the week has gone on, God has shown me a lot. He has shown me that I’m not all that I think I am, shown me to be a little bit more humble.”

Alene Gross writes: “When I came to Boot Camp I had been having a tough time at home, and I do believe that God has showed me that, while I am at Boot Camp or any where, He is a loving God, a helping God, and a caring God. And I will try not to forget that.”

Anya Valkema writes: “So far Boot Camp has been tough physically, and emotionally, and spiritually. While we all think Boot Camp will never end, surprisingly it has gone quick. Overall though it is fun and God is here.”

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  1. Thank you for watching over my daughter Alene. We have been seeing her on our new 40 inch flat screen almost nightly. She looks good from what I see. From Time to time I have been wondering why she has been sitting all the time during worship time and am hoping all is well with her.

    In case she hasn’t mentioned it, Switzerland is her Grandpa Gross’ birth country. I don’t know if she wants it known or not.

    Thank you again for watching over Alene.

    Ted Gross

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