The Australia Team Is Packing Out

01 AustraliaHello from Team Australia! We having finished our training here at The Lord’s Boot Camp – Praise the Lord!! These two weeks of classes in block laying, puppets, music, and more, have stretched each and every person on this team. Through it all, we have become a team trained and ready to spread the light of the Gospel in Australia! Are we there yet?
Today the team begins pack-out, which includes packing all the supplies we will take with us. The bags are being packed, and the excitement is building as we count down the hours until we begin our travels! We can’t wait to be in the air-conditioned Orlando airport! We are looking forward to seeing any friends and family coming to Commissioning, as well as any goodies that are brought! After the Commissioning service, our team will be bused to the airport where we will enjoy the night in air-conditioning before boarding our flight Sunday morning to LAX, then onward over the Pacific to Brisbane! Here are two testimonies from our last days here at Boot Camp:
Claire: “The TMI Boot Camp is the place to be if you want a challenge. I like the Obstacle Course because it challenges me, and the Bible lessons are a great way to get a better understanding of the Word of God. Being here has let God help me see what He has to give to me. Praise God that He let us all survive Boot Camp!”
Katie: “Boot Camp has been an interesting experience so far. I’ve made a lot of friends and still am. God has shown up a lot these past weeks. He’s been changing my life in so many ways. I’ve really enjoyed all of the experiences this week and last week. I’m hoping to come back next year or in the next couple years. Now I’m excited to leave this place and go to Australia!”
Please continue to lift us up in prayer, especially for safety and health as we travel during the next couple of days!

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