The Peru Team Is Ready To Go

PeruOur team is doing great.  There is more stretching going on.  Some kids have heat rash and are treating it with Gold Bond. We are doing our best with this hot weather to keep them hydrated.  We are definitely tired and a bit sluggish and sometimes hard to stay awake during classes but for the most part they are working hard at keeping great attitudes.


We had Miss Piggy because of small issues like our tent not being zipped up properly and we got a break and didn’t get it the next day. Miss Piggy is an award where the team whose tent sight and Big Top seating area are judged and then the team that wins for the worst has to wear a Piggy sign and be in charge of cleaning the bathrooms during their free time. Then a few days later we got it again because a clothes line fell too low and the clothes were touching the ground. They served their piggy with great attitudes and they got faster and were able to go straight into their bath and laundry time. I am super proud of how they are working together.  

The hardest day was when we got the last Piggy was when it was two days in a row.  But praise the Lord we haven’t gotten it for the last two or three days.  We were elated when yesterday we got all the team except me and one other team member over the wall.  That was a total of 16 people which helped us win the OC (Obstacle Course).  Today is great. We are headed to free time at the lake for all that haven’t gotten a “Special Blessing” (SB) for talking in class or in line.  

As Boot Camp is starting to wind down, our team has started to unify. Through every team SB (special blessing) and Miss Piggy “award”, our team has yet to falter. We continually encourage and love on each other, growing through God, not only individually but as a team. I thank God every morning as I wake up in my damp, smelly tent next to one of my new best friends.  I thank God for every count off, every class and every single minute I get to spend with these wonderful people.  No, Boot Camp has not been easy by any means, but with grace, God and a little bit of Gold Bond anything is possible for us. Please pray for continued peace and safe travels to and from Peru.

Emily McConnell: Well, not too long ago I arrived to Florida. I was the first on my team to arrive. Coming here I thought I was going to be uneasy.  I thought that I was being thrown too far out of my comfort zone. But in meeting my team, I have found that by the grace of God, I was truly and honestly blessed with an amazing group of people.
Rory March: I grew up in a regular home and we attended church every once in a while. I truly got to know Jesus Christ when I came to Boot Camp.  I was always in the middle of deciding if Jesus was Lord or if I should just live as I choose. From up until I came to Boot Camp, I lived as I thought was good. I had no inclination to know Christ. When I camp to Boot Camp it showed that Christ was real and how much He loves us. God has used Boot Camp to chang me and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do when we are in Peru. 


  1. Hey Lopez Family!
    Been thinking of you all and just wanted to know that.
    Praying for your bonding with your fellow partners in this ministry. Spiritual growth, good health and safe travels.

    Blessings on your service,

  2. Praying daily for everyone on the team! Especially for safe travels coming up. So glad to hear the good report~

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