A South Africa Team Update

13 SAWow, these two weeks have just zoomed by. It seems like just yesterday they were all so new with everything and everyone. Now, they all know this place like the back of their hands, and have bonded like i have never seen. We are all so excited for South Africa and the wonderful cold weather. Today is Commissioning Day and i am so proud of all my girls. They have blown everyone away with there passion and maturity. I know that each one will do amazing things with there lives!

Hey guys, so almost done with Boot Camp and things are going pretty good! Although this time is a lot different from when i went to Trinidad in 2012 with TMI, especially since this time were an all girls team. Us girls definitely stick together and have bonded really well. It is truly an awesome experience to see all these ladies giving up their summer to serve the lord. Even if that means tons of bug bites, falling in the Slough, and walking what seems like a marathon a day. Despite all of our obstacles, we all band together to encourage and uplift one another , making sure we always keep our eyes on Jesus, even in tough times. –Sarah Peterson

Boot Camp is hot. It is buggy. The tents are small, stuffy, and dirty. But now that I’ve touched on my top few annoyances, allow me to say this: Boot Camp has been an amazing experience. I love the evening rallieys, I love the worship and how close I feel to God. He has used this camp to say “See, you need Me, you need to trust Me no matter the circumstances”. I’ve learned to put Him first in everything I do. I’ve learned that two weeks in a tent with a stranger is a lot easier and shorter than it sounds. I’ve been given the opportunity for friendship with such amazing girls, each who have something different to love. He has blessed me with two leaders who want to talk with us, and be with us, which means it is easier to respect their authority, since i don’t feel belittled or childish. Now, I’m facing four weeks in the field serving God and I couldn’t be more excited! Much love and blessings, -Caity Mages


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