Switzerland Is Packed And Ready To Go!

14 SwitzerlandAs Boot Camp awakened today, stars still twinkled in the predawn sky. You would hardly guess we had a strong, windy rain storm during rally last night. Gradually, through the palmetto, live oak, cedar and ironwood trees, the sky pinked and finally – sunrise! The last sunrise of first Boot Camp. Many of us, two weeks ago today, wondered if we would make it to this time. As we stepped onto the Lord’s Boot Camp and settled into our tents with a bunch of strangers (mostly) it seemed as alien as if we had landed on Mars! BUT…two weeks later…we are a TEAM – friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, trained and ready to go. For most of the day the team will finish getting everything packed and ready. Around 3:30 – 4:00 pm, they’ll clean up, put on their TMI travel clothes and prepare for our Commissioning Service. We hope all parents are watching on the web tonight.

A heavy rain moved through during rally last night, and it seems to have really stirred up the mosquitoes. Some laundry was still on the line…gotta wring it good and pray it dries this morning.

Though no Switzerland team members have responded to the invitation for the last couple days, the messages have been stirring and convicting. I see in some faces that the Lord is working in their hearts.

Having had no more wet feet from the Obstacle Course for a few days now, most feet are healing up nicely. 

We have not won the pool again this week, but honestly, I think that would be somewhat anticlimactic to reaching Commissioning. I am quite certain the Commissioning service will be something all will remember for a long time to come.

When next you hear from us, we will have arrived in Einingen, Switzerland. – – – Ok, I was wrong…and am submitting what is NOW our final report from The Lord’s Boot Camp. Our goals/future plans are to complete our pack up, clean up, have our Commissioning and prepare for travel to Switzerland. NOW I can say, truthfully, when next you hear from us we will be in Einingen, Switzerland.


Elisabeth Parsons writes: “I thought Boot Camp would be easier the 2nd time around, after all, I’m an FTM (Former Team Member), right? Actually Boot Camp is still one of the hardest experiences of my life – and a lot of times, one of the worst. But I made it and I know God is with me and my family this summer and I look forward to what He’ll do through this trip.”

Aiden Verduyn writes: “When I came to Boot Camp, I was not saved. But on the third rally, I accepted the Lord as MY Lord. I still have struggles, but I can overcome them for God is with me.”

Isabelle Parsons writes: “Boot Camp has been really rough this year, but we’ve made it! As we come, finally, to Commissioning, it’s so wonderful to see how the team has already bonded and is continuing to grow closer. We all drive each other crazy occasionally, but we love each other anyway, most of the time. As we get closer to leaving for the field, I get more and more excited to see how God’s going to use our team this summer.”


  1. To Elijah,

    I love you son and I am so very proud of you! Please remember to call me before you get on the plane and when you arrive in Switzerland, This is going to be such an amazing journey of your life Eli and I cant wait to here all about it!! You have a great group of people around you son and that makes me so happy.

    I love you so much

    Love Mom

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