The Cambodia Team Is All Packed And Ready To Go!

02 CambodiaWell, the weekend has kept us very busy and it seems we’re always on the move. The team members have made a great effort their last few days of training. We are finally preparing to leave Boot Camp!! It was wonderful to have Isaac Workman and Jared Iles families come down for Commissioning and visit for a couple days. The weather has been warmer the second week, but we anticipate the heat overseas. Overall, it was a quick two weeks and our excitement is building to finally be in Cambodia. 
Friday, the leaders ran the Obstacle Course in the morning because it was the team’s last day running. We placed third and had 12 people go over the Wall! They seemed to have a lot of fun with their final day of classes and had opportunity to swim in the lake for their free time. Everyone did amazing Saturday when they had KP (Kitchen Patrol), homeschool photo, team photo, Boot Camp photo, and also the task of packing their duffles all in one day. 
We also had the opportunity to spend some time practicing riding through the Big Top for Commissioning. This is something special the motorcycle team does, so we hope you will be watching! Sadly, not everyone will be riding, but it was due to complications with the motorcycles. It’s been an incredible journey so far watching the team grow as a unit and to see how the Lord is preparing us. We hope that all that we do this summer will bring glory to our Savior. 
We thank you again for your ongoing prayers, and cannot wait to take off!
“Only a few more days of Boot Camp left and the Lord is still good, still faithful. I came here with few expectations. I only had my faulty, yet willing heart to learn what God would teach me. He has certainly given me many opportunities to learn! The first week here I was unable to sleep or sit in evening rally with my team, due to incomplete funds. At first I was downcast about my situation, but the next day our rally speaker reminded me of James 1:3-4, which says, ‘Consider it pure joy my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, for the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.’ No matter what happens this trip, I will practice living by faith in the Lord, even as it is tested.” – Van Kingma 
“Out of my experience here so far I’ve learned the virtue of patience. I know that God will bring people in and out of my life, because of what He has planned for me. He is the one who knows when you are ready. The Lord has been testing me to see if I am truly content with only Him. It’s taught me to trust God and to be content to wait for Him and His timing. I have to trust that He’ll provide for me in all things for the summer, and afterwards.” – Michael Hunter 

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