The St. Lucia Team Is Ready To Go!

12 StLuciaGreetings and blessings to all those praying and supporting the cause of the Lord. We are on our final day of Boot Camp, praise the Lord!!! God has been gracious to us in giving us a good schedule to work with and get everything done that needs to be done by today. After the Commissioning service tonight we will be heading out on our buses and driving to the airport. The team is very excited to leave Boot Camp and get to our project tomorrow if everything goes as planned. Please continue to pray for the team as we have very busy next two days ahead of us. With the Lord’s strength and wisdom, we know that we can make it through.

I’m doing fine. We have almost finished Boot Camp! We are flying to St. Lucia tomorrow and everyone is ready to go! Please keep me in your prayers. – James Polkinghorn

Hi, Mama and Papa! My feet are killing me, but I’m not quite dead yet, and I’m VERY excited! It’s hard to believe I’ve gotten this far and I just cannot wait to do our work, and then come home soon. I LOVE YOU ALL, see you soon! – Alex Kupyna

I’m doing absolutely fantastic here at Boot Camp. I’ve grown tremendously in the Lord and I feel this was a great decision. Boot Camp is challenging but very swell!! A good attitude goes a long way. I’m definitely excited about St. Lucia and can’t wait for what God has planned for us. – Kyle Black

Boot Camp is going well and has been a lot of fun and with lots of spiritual growth. Our team has lots of fun members. The time has gone by so fast. I have learned so much so fast and am looking forward to going to St. Lucia. – Ethan Steffes

Almost two weeks ago I had said good bye to my family, checked through security, and stepped onto an airplane for my flight to the Lord’s Boot Camp. From the time I arrived at Boot Camp to this day before commissioning, I have been subjected to the rigorous Obstacle Course, the strict rules, the biting mosquitoes, and the burning sun. But I am here to serve the Lord and He has given me the strength, wisdom, and courage to get through Boot Camp and now be at the threshold to serving Him in another country! – Ben Wedel


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