Zambia Is Ready To Go!

15 ZambiaCommissioning Day has arrived!!! Boot Camp has flown by for everyone and has gone very smoothly. We cleaned out the tent site and have our bus packed and ready to go after the Commissioning service tonight, and we are all very excited to light our candles and finally leave Boot Camp after these two weeks of training. We will be spending tonight in the airport, and our flight from Orlando to Miami is around 11:00AM tomorrow, and so our journey begins. 
The Lord has brought us all so far in just two weeks, with the puppet classes, drama, evangelism, cooking (for the lady leaders), music and phonics, and now it is time to utilize all that we have learned as we leave Boot Camp and head to the mission field. All praise and glory goes to the Lord for all that was accomplished during Boot Camp and all the seeds that have been planted, watered and harvested. We really do have a great team going to Zambia, and it is not an accident that any of these team members or leaders are here together, God hand picked them all. He is already doing a mighty work within the team as one body, and we are about to head into battle when we leave this property tonight. Pray that we would have safe travels and be protected on our way to Zambia, and pray that all our duffel bags (about 48 of them) will arrive with no problems at all. Pray that the Lord would bring many divine appointments our way so that we are able to talk to people about Jesus, and pray that we would be bold to do so. 

These team members have committed their summer to the Lord, and our adversary does not want any part of that, and he is doing all that he can to discourage and hold us back from serving Jesus wholly. Pray the darkness away! We already know that we have victory, and we are claiming this summer in the name of Jesus Christ and all the work that will be accomplished. Let the battle begin!

“A lot of the time we think that our mission doesn’t start until the field, but I found out that even at Boot Camp God can use you. I was able to go and talk to a girl from the Bangladesh team and pray for her. I found out that she was older than me, and I just think that it was cool that God used me to reach that girl.”  – Kailey Trim

“I’m enjoying Boot Camp so far. The food is pretty good. My team is really amazing and I have excellent leaders. The rallies are really helping me and showing me what I need to change in my life.”  – Joe Stubbs

“Boot Camp has been difficult this year, but I am learning and growing a lot. God has been teaching me that He has a plan and it is good. I am learning to trust Him in all situations. I am so excited to go serve and share the love of Jesus with the people of Zambia! I love and miss you all!”  – Melody Dove

“The Lord has been working on me a lot so far. I’ve been learning new things, but I’ve also been relearning some of the things I learned on my last team, on a deeper level. It has been a process of growing in my personal relationship with God, and giving up more of myself to Him. He’s been teaching me to trust and rely on Him more than ever; it is awesome and I am truly grateful.”  – Caleb McAndrew

“Since I have been at Boot Camp I have learned lots of songs. I have been able to bond with my team. It has been an eye opener of how much stuff that I don’t need but spend money on to be comfortable. Boot Camp seems to get easier every day. I love you family and pray that you are doing well.”  – Cassia Labrecque


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  1. Thank You so much for this update! I am looking forward to whatever updates you can send while in the field. Praying for you all!

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