Ecuador’s Last Boot Camp Report

05 EcuadorBoot Camp is officially over! We are currently in the airport catching up on rest and experiencing air conditioning, flushing toilets, and fast food again for the first time in two weeks. 

Since our last report, the team has once again had to clean the bathrooms. But much to our surprise (and the rest of Boot Camp), they also won the Clean Award!
The team members finished our their classes and from what I can see, seemed to have learned a lot. They are learning that team work is not just for the Obstacle Course, but it’s for all moments and that every action made and word spoken has the potential to affect the team, especially one of this size. 
It took about two days to properly pack out the team, especially because we are taking over 700 lbs of food with us! But needless to say, the team did great at what they needed to. I am more then pleased to be done with such a stressful task and finally get a break. 
Our main prayer request is that we arrive in Ecuador on time and safely.
We will let you know when we arrive and are all settled in. 
Here are the last bits from the team members during Boot Camp:
Dana: The Lord’s Boot Camp is the roughest, meanest, and strictest camp ever, which makes it the best. God has already worked in me and I’m growing closer to Him so far with the help of TMI.
Eden: I’m so thankful for our amazing team. I’m so excited for what God has for us in Ecuador and I can’t wait to see how God grow us as a team.
Angelica: It was an amazingly hard and tiring experience that stretched me emotionally, physically and spiritually, but it was worth all the hard work. At time i felt like it would never end, but now that it’s over, I miss it.
Seth: Boot Camp was an awesome experience. I have grown closer to the Lord during these two weeks than any other two weeks of my life. My leaders are great leaders and great role models and are really helpful and understanding. 
Chris: I originally came to Boot Camp disappointed that I would be missing out on summer plans and not expecting to connect with anyone. After just the first day, I realized that I was surrounded by so many people who cared about me and could relate to things that I was going through. 
Ellie: I’m so glad for my team that God has given to me. Not only have we grown individually, but as a family and in our faith. 


  1. I think I speak for all of the parents when I say that our prayers are with you all. We have trusted you into God’s hands for a reason. There is no substitute for experiencing His grace and power than to go out and do what He commissioned all of us to do. Please continue to listen for His guidance and make every minute count! We love and miss you!

  2. We are proud of each and every one of you! Praying for a powerful trip!

  3. It is so great to read updates from the team. It has also been wonderful to watch the rallies each night and see the pictures on Facebook. We are praying for the whole team. We love you Chris! We are excited for what else the Lord has in store for this team this summer!

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