A More Detailed Ecuador Report

05 EcuadorWe are now set up here at the Ecuador Base in Latacunga. The team has been resting and trying to get used to the altitude change. There are a few with stuffy noses and headaches, so we’re trying to keep them drinking water. It’s a lot harder to remember to drink here since we’re not sweating all day! 
Travel from Florida went well. Both of our fights were on time and we didn’t lose any bags. (Although, TSA was not so friendly and did take some knives, a few kitchen supplies, and some clothes.) In the Panama airport, some team members ran into a former team member from 2003. They had been on a team to Ecuador and now he and his wife are missionaries to Mexico. I think it was encouraging for some of them to see how a former team member’s life has developed since being with Teen Missions. 
Since being here, the team members who know Spanish have been practicing with the Ecuador staff. They were also able to buy some alpaca clothing since some of them were not expecting it to be so cold! Now they are just practicing their memory verses, singing, playing with the new puppies, and exploring. 
Our goal for this week is to begin doing some minor fix-up jobs and some painting. The roof of the buildings here need to painted to avoid rusting and the room that is used for the Ecuadorian Boot Camps needs to be painted for the upcoming Boot Camp. We also hope to help dig a deeper reservoir for the base. 
Today, our male leader, Bob, went with base coordinator, Ben, to set up a camping trip for the team. Since there is activity in Mt. Cotopaxi, it is closed off to visitors and we will now be visiting another mountain. We will be camping there for five days to do evangelism on the lower part of the mountain and go hiking. 
The weather has been cold (50-60s) and cloudy with a windy, cold morning drizzle.


  1. Thank you for the updates. Glad you are experiencing cooler weather! Sounds like it will be a productive mission. Praying for you all…..Lydia (Kearen’s mom)

  2. Pastor Dave Smuin

    Thanks for the update. We are praying for the team and trusting God to do great things in and through them.

  3. Thanks so much for the great report. It is good to hear of the goals of this team, and of the “God Moments” they experience along the way.

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