Another Report From Saint Lucia (updated)

12 StLuciaGreetings to all back home! We have arrived safe and sound here in the beautiful island of St. Lucia. We had an early flight from Orlando to Charlotte and then a four to five hour flight from Charlotte to St. Lucia. After being picked up at the airport, we had a scenic bus ride through mountains, jungles, and villages. The weather is slightly humid with hot sun and random rain showers. Upon arrival at the work site, we were pleased to surprise the team with the fact that we do not have to sleep in tents but instead we do have two separate rooms for the girls and boys. We are also blessed to have a full kitchen to cook meals in, this includes a stove, running water, & refrigerator.

The day after arriving, the team immediately started working on the site. They are currently working on clearing land for a parking lot, which includes breaking up concrete boulders and brick walls. They have also been working on picking up the trash that surrounds the property. We are currently looking for schools to be able to do put our puppet and drama skills that we gained at Boot Camp in to action. We are extremely blessed by God with everything that is here and look forward to what He has planned for us.

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