The Cambodia Team Has Arrived Safely In Siem Reap

02 CambodiaWe have now made it safely to Siem Reap. We had three flights and all went well. We spent some time in Hong Kong airport, which was a neat experience for the team. On the flights the team slept very well and the meals were good. the team had many opportunities to witness during our thousands and thousands of miles of travel. The people we witnessed to were very receptive. 
The team says “hello” and are adjusting very well in Siem Reap. They have gotten the kitchen food set up and have put it in their bags. At the moment they are playing with children and having a great time. It is already being seen that they will be a great witness when we head out to do the Sunday schools. The team also got to ride in Tuk Tuks on the way here, which is probably a first for most of them. Keep us in your prayers and we cannot wait to update you next time. 

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