A Report From Peru!

10 PeruThe Peru team is doing great here in Peru and we are loving it. We are completely thrilled with our incredible missionaries that we have the privilege of working with here. When we arrived, they greeting us so beautifully with welcome signs. It brought tears to our eyes.
Our work project has not begun yet as the materials will not be delivered until tomorrow due to a holiday in Peru. In the meantime, we have been practicing our dramas, puppets and music in preparation for sharing at the church on Sunday.

The weather has been warm and less humid than Merritt Island. Nobody is complaining for sure.

James: My favorite part of Boot Camp was the rallies at night. Most of the Boot Camp was very stressful and just plain  unenjoyable, but the messages and worship during the rallies were fantastic. We got to hear from ten or more people that have had years and years of experience as missionaries. They shared countless stories of how God worked in them and through them and around them. I found that to be really awesome and rare opportunity to hear such powerful testimonies. I am grateful for it.


  1. How did they do after one night and almost all day long at Miami airport? You guys had a delayed flight right? Did you guys sleep all flight long down to Lima? How easy is to get from Pucallpa airport to the church? Did you take a bus? Do the team so far is liking the Peruvian food? Has anyone gotten sick? Have you had a chance to do some sightseeing? Please fill us in with more details 🙂

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