The Philippines Team Has Arrived Safely

11 PhilippinesWe have arrived safely in the Philippines! After the short fuel stop in Tokyo, we continued on to Singapore and had about a six-hour layover. From Singapore it was a four-hour flight to Cebu where we arrived and received all but one of our bags, which belonged to a leader. The airline said it would take one-three days for this bag to be delivered to us in Butuan City. In Cebu we were met by a Teen Missions staff member who took us to buy some food for the team and then the tickets for the 12-hour ferry ride to the port in Nasipit. The ferry left at 7 PM last night and the team was able to relax a bit get a good night’s sleep in air-conditioning on the cushioned beds. The ferry arrived this morning around 6 AM and we were met by Fernando and Genelie Tan, the coordinators for the Philippines base. The team loaded the bags and we set off to the base to get settled in. It was sprinkling a bit when we got off the ferry and began to rain a little harder once we got to the base. We were told that rainy season is just starting and so we can be expecting rain in the future. I know that the team members are grateful to have dorms to sleep in! 
After morning devos, the team spent the morning unpacking and helping to organize the kitchen. A couple of bottles of shampoo were opened in the bags, but thankfully only some cornmeal was lost. The rest of the items were well sealed in plastic bags. The rest of today will be spent doing laundry (travel clothes, towels and dish bags) preparing songs and dramas for weekend evangelism and working on verses. The team will head to bed early to be well-rested and able to begin working tomorrow. The main projects at the base will be to finish paving the driveway up to the base and continue painting the buildings. 
We want to say thank you to all of the parents who sent/brought goodies for Commissioning, the team loved them! We even had some left over that we were able to enjoy while travelling. Apart from some minor stomach aches and motion sickness, we thank the Lord for good health in this trek across the world. Everyone is very excited to get to work and we are also looking forward to the time we will spend at the children’s ministry a few weeks from now. Thank you for your prayers!! 


  1. Was very happy to read the update! PRAISE THE LORD! And how awesome to have a dorm to be shielded from the rain and storms! God is good!
    Praying everyone continues to stay healthy and recovers from the long journey really fast.
    Isaiah 40:31″ but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” ((((hugs))))) From Minnesota!

  2. Thank you for the update that you have arrived so good to hear. I wish the best to all of you in this growing experience. God bless you all and I will be praying for the team.

  3. Great News! Thank the Lord! Sleep well and get some good rest.

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