And It Is Raining In Bangladesh

08 BangladeshThe Bangladesh team is doing very well here! It was a long flight and even now after several days of rest we are all still very tired. The team is busy working during the morning. We are working on moving hundreds of books from a room on one end of the campus to a shipping container that is used as storage on the other side of the property. We are also working on constructing a parking lot that can also be used as an open patio and a place to play games. We had do dig about 3 feet down for the foundation and the constant rain makes that very hard.  The kids have been learning how to use the Bangladesh equivalent of a shovel, which is really more like a hoe. They have enjoyed this at times but it is also difficult. 
In the afternoons the team is able to go to the kids home called “Home of Hope” there are 106 kids there and the team has enjoyed playing games, singing and just getting to know each other. 
The weather here is constantly raining it rains every day and most of the day. We have not seen the sun or a blue sky since we got here. It is nice that the sun has not come through because it is very hot here because of the humidity but because there is no sun and constant rain clothing does not dry very well at all. We have clothes lines hung in our rooms to help but because it is so humid it still take a long time. 
Thank you for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for the team as we work with the rain. Please also pray that we would be able to have an eternal impact on the kids at Home of Hope. 

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  1. Praying for all of you and the children at “Home of Hope”!!! How is the littlest team member doing? That would be Baby James, 6 months old, my grandson!
    Love all of you guys – thanks for doing what your doing

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