The Cambodia Team Has Been Busy In Siem Reap

We thank the Lord we are in Cambodia, having all kinds of adventures. Everyone has stayed healthy and safe, which is a blessing with the busy schedule. We stay in Siem Reap for the next six days before taking a bus down to the southern base in Kampong Chhanang. As soon as we arrived here, all the team members had the experience of riding the native Tuk Tuk. This has been our main form of transportation in the city. They’ve visited two different Sunday Schools on the motorcycle circuit so far, including the “floating village”. They will have the opportunity to see each different location on the circuit before heading down south. 

The day begins early (like Boot Camp), since the team leaves with the circuit rider at 7AM after personal devotions and breakfast. They don’t return to base until 4 PM. They mainly help teach phonics and English to the children, and also play games. One team member stays back every day to help with kitchen duties, and we get to go to the local market and buy fresh goods. There are often children hanging around base, and they love to play or hang out with the teens. Bible studies and classes are spread out for us throughout the afternoon/evening. Usually by the time we get to our rooms, everyone is ready to sleep! 
We praise God that everyone was safe riding back in a wind and rain storm Wednesday. It rains every day but it’s cooler than Florida was, staying in the low 80’s. 

We continue to covet your many prayers. May you stay encouraged by reading these reports and knowing our faithful God is in control. The joy of the Lord is our daily empowerment. It’s exciting to learn what a new day holds here!



  1. So grateful to see these reports on how you are doing. Thank you all for your hard work done in God’s name. I will continue to pray for my daughter Annie and the entire Cambodia team.

  2. Patricia Russum

    Wonderful to hear you are all doing well! God is good.

  3. My older brother has been to Cambodia and he told me that he suggests to not eat durian..

  4. I have a parent/team member group started on Facebook.

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