The Switzerland Team Has Settled In

14 SwitzerlandGuten Tag from Einigen, Switzerland!! A more lovely setting would be very difficult to imagine! The team arrived safely, as reported in our arrival report, on Tuesday, June 23. Our last report was written from The Lord’s Boot Camp, since that time, the team commissioned (definitely our highlight!), spent the night of the 20th, all day and the night of the 21st at Dave and Stef Spindlers – resting, appreciating the air conditioning, also getting laundry done and reorganizing our travel stuff. Sunday afternoon, they went to Boot Camp to load all our duffels onto the bus that would take us to Miami for our flight. About 7 am, we picked up a driver who would be bringing the bus back after dropping us off and then we were off. We arrived in Miami about 11:30 am on the 22nd, unloaded all our luggage, and waited in an out of the way location near our airline check in desk until time to check in. That all went quite smoothly, and after that we headed through security to our gate area. We were all excited to on our way. The flight left about 4:35 pm from Miami, and all team members were able to speak to at least one parent prior to our flight. I don’t think anyone slept particularly well on that flight – we were all pretty excited. We had to connect to another flight in Lisbon, and we had a very short turn around time. As a result, we were hurried through customs and security so we could make the flight to Geneva. We arrived in Geneva around 11 am, connected with our bus driver (not easy since he did not speak English), then loaded up all our luggage (yes, it all arrived with us – praise the Lord!) and headed to Einigen. As stated in the arrival report, we changed, started setting iup tents, kitchen and settling in. It was kind of hectic, but all got done, supper fixed, and we got to bed a little early. It got quite chilly that night – and everyone was glad they had a sweatshirt/hoodie to keep warm. 

Since arriving, we have continued to “settle in” and today, June 25, we began our work project. That is a summary of our first field report.
Since our arrival on June 23, we continued to get everything in good order, the Missionary, Roger, showed Dave and Joe the project, Stef got out to exchange money and get to the grocery store. Weather has been warming up daily since we arrived and we are only chilly now in the morning hours.  No rain since we arrived, and Ursula, Roger’s wife, informs us that they are tired of rain and hope it stays nice for quite a while now.  The beauty of the area is incredible. We can see several peaks around us – mostly to the northwest, north and somewhat northeast. We hear the trains passing not far below us, but for the most part it is quiet here. The team started work today – painting.
Thank you for your prayers!


  1. Hi Greetings from Scotland. We were at Le Rudli for 2 years until 2012 and were there when the Fast’s and their team were over they did a great job. Enjoy your time there we are praying for you all. 3 of the Peaks you can see are the Munsch, the Eiger and the Yungfrau. Truely a beautiful place every blessing to you all. Heather and Francis Mitchell.

  2. Unfortunately, we never did get to hear from our son before he left for Switzerland. Not sure what happened, but he didn’t talk to either of his parents. 🙁

  3. Thanks for the team updates! Keep them comings. There are so many people praying for you all! We have pastors spreading the word on facebook, Grammas emailing across the country, prayer partners begging for more things to pray about, and (of course) Mom and Dad who can’t stop thinking and praying for each one of you!

    Thanks, leaders, for being there for our kids. We are praying for you, too!

  4. Just read the report. I’m glad that all is well and you are settled in. Are the hills alive with the sound of music? Have you seen Peter herding? Do you smell chocolate in the air?

    Ich wünsch Ihne e schöne Daag.

    Ted Gross

    (got it off the internet)

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