Pictures And Testimonies From The Peru Team

Peru 6:26 #3Virginia Corsini: We haven’t been in Peru very long, but I can already see so many things happening here.

The first couple days were pretty rough. Satan snuck in and pitted a lot of people against each other, but as time went on we got more in touch with the Lord and our surroundings, we mended the bond and now we are working together to resist the devil. Our job here is just starting since we just received our material today but hanging out with the Peruvians these last few days has been so fun. Showering and washing clothes is so much easier here than Boot Camp! And we get actual beds! Some may say we are “living rough”, but we it’s actually really nice here! I haven’t been able to go to the market yet, but I’m excited to see what’s out there. Everyone rides motor cars and motorcycles and there are practically no cars. It’s funny. I love it here and I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through us the rest of the summer.
Claire Speer: We’ve only been here for a few days but it feels longer. Most of us have bonded but like with any family there’s been a bit conflict but we’ve managed to work it out. The locals have been very kind and hospitable. We had the opportunity to interact with kids and teens. Last night we got to play volleyball with them. Peru is beautiful and it’s people are also.
Peru 6:26 #2 Peru 6:26#1


  1. We are happy to hear from the Peru team . Sure sounds like you are being tested. We will pray for you to be stronger and resist satan’s ugly attempts to cause trouble. My advice:” Be still and know that I am God”. Psalms 46:10 To be still is the hard part. Take care all, Ron and Diane

  2. Renee McConnell

    Hi All,
    Thanks so much for the update. I love to hear that everyone is learning in practical ways to resist the enemy who would love nothing more than to create disunity. I will continue to lift the team up in prayer.

  3. Thanks SO much for the update! I’m glad to hear about the interaction with the Peruvians and the “break” before the materials arrived. I am sure the kids were tired when they arrived and they needed the downtime. While relationships were tested, they will all be stronger for it now. Thanks for the photos also. They really help us parents! We will be praying for the team and a successful mission.

  4. Still praying daily for the leaders and team members. SO glad to hear that while there has been conflict, the team is actively resisting Satan’s temptations. Thanks for the pictures and updates.

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