The Ecuador Team Is Working Hard

Ecuador 6:26#4Hola from Ecuador! 
Yesterday was our first official day of work. We split the team into two smaller teams to do the two different tasks at hand. Ten of our team members worked on painting the room used for our Ecuador Boot Camp, digging a deeper Slough for the Obstacle Course, and cleaning the roof to be painted. Some also began cutting rebar. The other half of the team worked on evangelism in preparation for our Wednesday MSSM. After lunch, they went to pick up some children for the Sunday school and then did a presentation. They were able to play with the children and give them a snack. One team member, Angelica, said her favorite part  was being able to teach a child to say “Jesus loves me.” 
Today, the team members will begin painting the roof and as well as continuing to clean it. They will be doing small projects to help the base get ready for Boot Camp. Sunday the team will be able to go to an evening church and and do their music and drama presentations. On Monday, we are hoping to go to a local school and have a time to present and play with the children. 
I am really happy with this team because I can see that God is moving in them. Those who really showed no interest in this team at the beginning or were struggling, seem to be growing closer to the Lord despite their struggles. As the team members share their testimonies during evening devotions, they seem to grow closer together as they begin to understand each other more fully. I think it is helping them to love each other and see that every one is truly coming from a different background and upbringing. Hopefully they can take this mindset of love off the field and into their schools. 
Ecudor 6:26#2 Ecuador 6:26#3 Ecuador 6:26#1


  1. So good to hear about things you are doing. Love it when there is a new update. Praying for you all , may the Lord strengthen you
    all and grow you close to one another. May His word change your lives and those you share and minister to , as only He could do

  2. Awesome to keep up with the Equador Team. I was there in April on an adult team. Continued prayers for the team and the ministry of the base. Tell Ben I said hi and God bless!!

  3. Thank you so much for the updates. We are so grateful. Sounds like everyone is doing well and it looks much cooler! We are praying for unity, favor and health……can’t wait to hear more on how God is moving through the team!

  4. Dear Ecuador Team,

    We appreciate your regular updates and photos. We are so thankful for your physical health and growing ministry. We will continue to pray.

  5. When in Cotopaxi, pray for the most beautiful garden on hearth, Ecuador, and the wonderful brothers and sisters you are meeting one by one.
    May our Father protect you spiritually, mentally, and physically; as all of you grow in wisdom and understanding of His creation.

    One heart, one race, one people.
    Dr A. Hoppe

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