The South Africa Team Is Loving South Africa

SA 6:26#1 It is day four at South Africa Teen Missions base camp. All girls have been working very hard around the base—from breaking up a sidewalk with sledge hammers to make room for a new sewing room for the Samaritan ladies, cutting grass by hand, putting bobwire up along fences, to repainting the students classroom. They all have such wonderful attitudes no matter what they are doing. You can see that their hearts are truly in it for the right reasons. They have also been practicing their puppet and song skits for their Saturday performance. The weather has been consistently cold in the mornings and evenings, but very nice during the day. They can work in just pants and a T-shirt. So far there have been no illnesses or injuries whatsoever. Praise the Lord!
We went in to town to go shopping on Wednesday. The girls got to experience exchanging their money into South African money. After that we went to a mall that was right around the corner from the bank we exchanged our money at. They all got some much-needed cold weather clothes like hats, gloves, scarfs, and jackets. They really enjoyed that! Now the mornings and nights are much more enjoyable. The girls are very excited for their trip to a Motorcycle Sunday School Mission on Saturday. There they will present there skit, play games, and teach a lesson to the children. 
Rosemary Michael: When I first arrived in South Africa, I was very excited, but I also started to wonder what I got myself into. Here I was on the opposite side of the world from all my family and friends, sleeping in a tiny freezing dorm room, and going to the bathroom without doors. However it didn’t take me long to realize how nice he conditions really are and especially how blessed we are in America. God really does take care of you in all situations. For example, yesterday He created the most beautiful sunset that just reminded me of HIs glory and willingness to care for me. I know he will continue to take care of me throughout the trip and I’m excited to see now.
Laura Beals: I am so so so so so so so so so so excited to FINALLY be here in South Africa!! We haven’t done much here yet as far as our project goes, but I am looking forward to what we get to do. This year, I am really trying to focus on the now. Not on the future, but on what I’m doing then in the moment. In the past, I would think and say things like, “when I leave……” Once I stopped doing that, I started seeing and realizing things that I hadn’t seen before. It’s funny how just doing small things can make a difference. 
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  1. Thinking of you! Miss hearing from you all. Hope all is well!

  2. Great news of His healing power. Amy is cancer free!

  3. So happy to get the update. Please post all people. We want to see who we are praying for. I’m happy to see God’s love shining through all of u!

  4. So happy to hear that you all are working hard and having great attitudes! Giving thanks that you have not been sick or had any injuries! Praying that you continue to see God in all that you do every day! Love and prayers to you!

  5. So glad to hear from you all. Looks like there is a lot to be done and thankful you are working together to. We are praying for you!!

  6. I am so proud of all of you girls, working hard for the Lord. You are all trusting Him and showing his love to others, including each other.
    Rosemary’s Mom.

  7. So happy to see you ladies working for others with obvious joy – what a blessing you are!
    Praying for Zhenya & the entire team!

  8. shanna alexander

    we love seeing updates and pictures we look everyday for them…. thank you so much… savanna we are praying for your continued growth and walk with the Lord and that you and your team will be able to share Jesus’s love and the gospel through out your trip. We pray that you all stay strong in the Lords’ will for your trip and to be comforted that we are all here praying that this will be a trip that you will be able to impact your lives and others through Jesus Christ.. Love you baby girl love mama and daddy and your two braty brothers

  9. Praying for the team. Looks like y’all are all working hard and enjoying your time. Take care.Love you Zhenya…..

  10. So good to read this update and see the pictures! Zhenya, I am praying for you and your whole team and for the people who will hear and see Jesus through y’all’s love and ministry. May God strengthen you all and accomplish His will throughout this experience.

  11. We are praying for this team! As supporters of Zhenya, we are asking Jesus to use her and her teammates in a mighty way not only throughout the trip, but especially today! Thanks for the pics and updates!
    Brenda and Wynn

  12. Stephanie Higgins

    Looks like y’all are doing great! We’re praying for you and so glad to read your update and see pictures! Thank you!

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