A Report From Mangochi

Malawi 1 6:27#3Hello Friends and Family of the 1st Malawi Team!

We can’t believe it has been a whole week since we left Boot Camp. On Friday the team packed up all of their things and we loaded up the truck to go to Mangochi. It was a four-hour bumpy ride to the base in Mangochi but the Lord gave us a great trip with no problems. We arrived at the base and got settled into our new home. On Saturday we spent all day getting the drilling rig ready for action. The team got all the tools ready, cleaned the pipes, and worked alongside the Bible School students. On Saturday afternoon we went to the village where we will be drilling. The village people were so excited to see the team. We prayed over the site and talked with the village about why we were coming. The team sang a quick song and then we played with the kids for a while. Lord willing on Monday morning we will start drilling in the village. Please pray that things will go smoothly and that we will hit water without any problems.

To all you parents out there wanting to know how your kids are doing; they are having an amazing time! They got to go to their first African church service today. They all loved the singing and being able to be a part of the service. Every spare minute the team has they are playing with the village kids. It seems like all the Malawian kids now know the team members’ names. When the team is not playing with the kids, they are yelling their different names across the fence.

The weather in Malawi has been cold in the morning and evening. Last night we had a campfire out on the beach and it was a wonderful time of fellowship as a team. The lady leaders have been hard at work keeping the team fed with some amazing meals. Cooking in Africa is not an easy thing to say the least. The team is really excited to start drilling tomorrow. Please pray that by our next report we will be able to say a lot has been done.

“Traveling to Africa has opened my eyes to so many things. Just seeing the difference in the way we as Americans live compared to here in Malawi has been humbling experience. It makes me realize how blessed and privileged I am to running water, and electricity at my finger tips. This trip has been amazing and I am so thankful God has given me the opportunity to come to Malawi.” -Chloe RothMalawi 1 6:27#2Malawi 1 6:27 #1

Malawi 1 6:27#4



  1. So glad to see you Leanna…. know you are having an amazing time. 🙂 Hello from Fresno! 🙂

  2. Leslie and Loren Wiens

    It’s great to see all the updates! We always love the pictures too. I am praying that you will soon hit water. Praying and so happy for the work you are doing. God’s blessings on the team and the leaders and those you are meeting. Missing you, Leanna. You go, girl.

  3. I can only imagine how much you are all loving the kids!! I know you must surely be bathing in their joy! We have been praying since before boot camp that travel would be safe, drilling would be smooth and successful and that the love of God that shines from each of you would impact the people of Malawi!! Wow!!! Don’t forget that those kids’ parents are watching you love on their kids with the love of Christ and there’s such deep joy for a parent when someone chooses to love on their kids. Well done!!! Alethia, here’s a hug from afar. We continue praying for you…

  4. I LOVE the pictures!! Especially the beautiful smile on Olivia’s face who I miss so much!!

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