A Report From Zambia Before They Leave The Base

Zambia 6:27 #1Today is Saturday, June 27th. It has been a long but good week here since we arrived on Wednesday. We settled in just in time to pack everything for the Rescue Units. Today we are heading out to the first Rescue Unit which is about three hours away. Some of the team have had colds and sniffles from adjusting to the cold here as opposed to Boot Camp, but we are healthy otherwise. We are staying warm, we made a trip to town to get blankets and “head socks” for the team, and we got a lot of food that we are taking with us for our three weeks away from the base here. We have very much enjoyed spending time with the staff families and students here, and also sitting in on their evening devotions. When the students began singing their worship songs, we just couldn’t stand still and we couldn’t hold back the tears. What a phenomenal joyful noise unto the Lord it was. We are blessed more and more in different ways here every day.

We are heading out here pretty soon, and TK is bringing his computer so that we will be able to send reports, and he said we will try to get network out there. If we are unable to get it, he said we will make trips into town. 

Once again, we are so so thankful for the Petersens and how helpful and understanding and wise they are for us as leaders and for the team as a whole. We feel blessed to be a part of this team and to be chosen to serve the Lord here in Zambia. 
Blessings to you all as second Boot Camp starts!Zambia 6:27 #2 Zambia 6:27 #3


  1. Hi Becca! I hope you are having an awesome time. My whole family and I have been praying for you constantly.. Cant wait till you come back so I can hear all about your amazing trip! love and miss you <3

  2. Hi Rachel! Love and miss you bunches. Have a Holy Spirit filled time there. What an exciting adventure! Continuing prayers sent your and Team Z’s way.

  3. Rachel…love you bunches and praying for you and Zambia team. Go with God in your heart and be a blessing. Let the gift of HIS Love shine through. Tell EVERYONE you see how Jesus sets men FREE. GO with God in your heart and be a Blessing! So proud of you girlie.

  4. Great to see your smiling face, Cassia! Praying for you and your team.

  5. Good to see your smiling face, Anthony! Good teamwork and we are praying for you!

  6. Barbara Labrecque

    Thank you for these updates. We are praying for all of you and those you are there to serve. May God work through you to be his hands and feet there. May God help each of you to trust him so much that even in hard times you will trust that God is working to bring about his greater purposes. Remember his is on the throne. Cassia you are so loved and missed. We are all doing well here. May God keep you all in his care.

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