The Countdown Is Over

26 NepalCThe countdown is over and we have all arrived! The Nepal team is ready to train for ministry. A few of our team members had weather delays traveling and arrived late but we are a complete team today. We are settled into our tents and getting to know one another. I heard lots of chatter and laughter last night as everyone was settling down for lights out last night. It’s good to hear them bonding together as a “family”. We had Obstacle Course Orientation today and then we all ran the Obstacle Course. A few team members fell in the Slough but had great attitudes despite wet feet and we got seven of our team members over the Wall today. There was a rocket launch at 10:30 am this morning and everyone in Boot Camp got to watch it. It is an awesome thing to witness. We heard later that the launch was not successful—the rocket exploded in the air but we did not see that from where we watched. Last night in rally, we were one point behind the winning team for the Clean Award. Hopefully, tonight we will win. The pool sure would feel good in this Florida heat.  

Thank you all for your prayers so far.  We are so thankful everyone arrived safely and with all of their belongings. Continue to pray for the Nepal team that we would have team unity and train well for the work ahead.


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  1. Congrats on a great first day! Enjoy your swim tomorrow!

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