The Haiti Team Is Here!

17 HaitiCAll 27 teens and four leaders of the Haiti have safely arrived at Teen Missions Boot Camp. Much has happened in a short period of time…

We had our first rally, ran the Obstacle Course (We had four people make it over the 12-foot wall!), saw a rocket launched from the Space Center and started memorizing verses.
Parents,you can be proud of your children. Some of the kids fell into the Slough (water hole) and had no dry socks with them. Other team members that had dry feet shared clean socks with them so everyone would have dry feet. Bread bags keep their feet from getting wet again.
We are thankful for the privilege of leading these young people to Haiti this year.


  1. Team Haiti,

    Remember God is watching your back, be bold, be honest and accept fear as part of the journey. Remember it is you standing at the door, it is you who can and will make a difference in the lives you touch. From the person next to you to the person you meet on your trip. The loudest message is the one that carries no words, it’s your actions and your heart. You can’t hide that message, believe in Gods word and in turn believe in yourself, God has given you great talents, even if you don’t see them yet. Be safe, take care of each other and be counted. .

  2. Thank you for posting this!! I had no idea this was here! Continuing to pray for you all!

  3. My daughter Tori McGraw is there now I miss her already.Thank You for this wonderful opportunity for Mu daughter.

  4. Barbara Labrecque

    We are praying for you all. Keep up the good team work!

  5. Hello!
    Thank you SO much for sharing this update and great picture of the Haiti Team.

    As a mom back here in Canada …. praying and thinking of the team each daily.
    Missing my girl today quite a bit!

    Praying for strength, endurance, patience and good sleeps at night.

    Love to you all

    P.S. Can someone please let me know what email address I can email to so my daughter can receive an email?
    Thank you

    • Jennifer, It is on our website under “2015 Mission Trips”. It was also in their Individual Team Fact Sheet.

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