The Holy Land Team Is Here!

18 HolyLandCThis day has finally arrived!  The pictures we have all been looking at over the last few months have now become a reality: real teammates to actually talk to and laugh with!!!  All of our team arrived safely and are settled into their cozy new homes (AKA their tents:)).  Although the Boot Camp life is definitely a dramatic change for all of us, everyone is adjusting well (and quickly) to the hot, humid, and fast-paced nature of Boot Camp.  Postcards have been written by each teammate (unless they were driven to Boot Camp), so be on the lookout for those in your mailboxes!!! 


  1. Thanks for the update and great job at the OC today! Go team Holy Land!

  2. Hey Jakob Ethan,
    Glad you made it safe. Hope you are adjusting. Liked the team picture. Good times…good times.
    Know that we love you and that i am supper stoked to see how well you’ve done and how much you’ve changed when we meet again on the 11th. Elijahs best friend (from Kilimanjaro) is on the Madagascar team. He wants you to say “hi” to Kitty. Rock it like rawk star.

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