The Honduras Team Is In Orientation

19 HondurasCGreetings from the Lord’s Boot Camp!

All 25 team members have arrived safely and are well on their way to getting to know each other. We are staying in the tent site affectionately called “Mosquito Museum”. However, it’s fairly close to the restrooms so that’s a blessing.  The tents are warm but thankfully it cools down during the night and becomes more comfortable. The first night is always the hardest but the team will be able to sleep better tonight and even better the next. At Boot Camp we have a saying that we will know by the fourth day that, with the Lord’s help, we can be triumphant in all we do here at Boot Camp. Our day starts early at 5:30am and we are off and running to start our day. Today we are mainly doing orientation and have many classes under the Big Top. We also got to run the Obstacle Course (OC) for the first time today.  The team did fantastic! They worked together as a team on Elijah’s Chariot and the Books of the Bible. A few dipped their feet the water at the Slough and a few got even more wet. At the Wall they got 15 of 25 over. That was amazing for the first day! Tomorrow we look forward to starting classes that include: Puppets, Phonics, Drama, and Music. The food here at the Lord’s Boot Camp is wonderful and we are very grateful for the delicious food and how hard the kitchen staff works to make it tasty. Each evening ends with a rally where we all gather together again to worship the Lord and hear from His Word.  Please pray that the hearts and ears of the each teen will be open to hear what the Lord has for them. Team Honduras hopes you will look for us on the live


  1. Team Honduras,
    I pray for you all, thank you for stepping up and being a part of something great. Don’t let the moments get you down, remember God has your back. Punch fear in the face and look forward to what is ahead of you, you are the one who can make the difference.

  2. Glen & Gwen Torrie

    For Payton Harrison, It’s Canada Day today, July 1. We’re celebrating our great country and we are celebrating YOU. I sent your dad his “Teen Mission’s prayer card from when he was where you are!!! Three of our children, Sara, Graham and Ian also spent a summer with Teen Missions. What you are learning and experiencing now will effect your life for a lifetime! Serving the Lord never ends and because of it, your life will be blessed. Remember, we’re praying for you. Love you lots. Love Uncle Glen & Aunt Gwen

  3. Hey Honduras Team,
    Im sitting here watching the sun set in about 72 degrees and very little humidity, sipping cold (well, VERY cold) iced tea and eating Grandmas strawberry rubarb pie. Mmmmmm! Wishing you were all here! 🙂 You guys keep focused, have fun, enjoy the good things. You will remember these next two weeks for the rest of your lives. (PS- get rid of the Hezikiah box in the books of the Bible…) God bless you all.

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