The Kilimanjaro Team Has Arrived!

21 KilimanjaroCWe’ve arrived!!!!

After so much time waiting for, praying for, and looking forward to the summer, it has finally begun! Now that we’re here in hot, sweaty, dirty Boot Camp, some of us might be regretting our choices temporarily… Don’t worry; we’ll adjust quickly! We were a little jealous of Rachel and Victor, however, who came in late to the airport and got to sleep in the air conditioning in the chapel as a result. 

As former team members (FTMs), Kenzie, Landon, Hannah, and Rachel have been doing a great job setting an example and helping others to learn. Because there’s so much to learn at Boot Camp – count offs, walking on the right single file, how to go through a food line and hold your tray and cup, how to wash your dishes while holding them with just one hand, and so much more. 


One of the highlights of our time so far has been learning how to run the Obstacle Course. Landon and Nana lifted everyone over the Wall. Jake and Enoch went up first and sat on top, lifting all the others. Caleb, Ryan, and Owen were some of the first ones to go over. We needed teamwork to make it happen, and the OC was great for that. 


Jenna Faye has been helping us learn some cheers for rally, while Ana, Alex, and Savanna designed our flag last night. Charis got to represent the team at Rapture Report this morning at 6 am. 


We’re looking forward to all we have to learn and do over the next few days, including (and most especially!) Ana’s birthday tomorrow and Cortnee’s birthday Tuesday. 


Please continue to pray for us, and feel free to send us emails and letters. We love to receive those! 



  1. Exciting to read about the first days if Bootcamp. Sounds like you have an excellent team supporting one another. Maybe you should rename your team to Team Barnabas–encouraging one another 🙂
    JennaFaye, many back home are missing you greatly. May God continue to use y’all to bless others. Praying for you all. Try not to kiss a pig this week!

  2. Hey Tanzania Team, Greetings from cool dry Wyoming!! Sitting here in the chill of the evening sipping cold iced tea and eating Grandma’s strawberry rubarb. Mmmmm! Wish you all were here to share some! : ) Jake, keep hauling your team over the wall. Guys, trust Jake, he’s a good guy! Hope all is well and you all keep working hard. You will remember these next two months for the rest of your lives.
    God Bless, Mark McIlvain and Thrive Youth Group

  3. So glad to hear everyone arrived safely and that you are off to such a good start! We are praying for you all as you get to know each other. Kenzie, we love you and miss you like crazy!

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