The Malawi II Team Is Finally All Together

23 Malawi IndianaCThe Malawi Drilling Team is finally all together. We had some late night arrivals due to weather issues with some of those flying in; but we are now together as a team. Today (Sunday) is Orientation Day, so we are learning all the “ins” and “outs” of the Lord’s Boot Camp. We will be running the Obstacle Course with the Indiana team because both of our teams are on the smaller side. Even though it was their first time to run today, the teams worked well together. We look forward to starting our training classes tomorrow. Please continue to pray for us to unite as a team, so that we can bring glory to the Lord!


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  1. Hi, I would like to know how many kids are finally on the team and their names, if possible, and the names of the leaders too. Throughout my day I think, “what is Blake doing right now” or “what’s going on at Bootcamp” so you are all in my prayers.
    Another question: does this team join the first team in Malawi?

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