The South Korea Team Is Adjusting Well

27 SKoreaCHello from the Lord’s Boot Camp!  The South Korean team has all arrived safely and we are beginning to settle into our tents. This morning we had our first opportunity to run the Obstacle Course. It was encouraging to run it together as a team. Everybody made it to the Wall and we were able to get four people over the wall before the whistle blew. The remainder of the day is being spent in orientation classes. The team is already looking forward to our time in S. Korea.  We have already learned how to say “Thank You” in Korean.  Every time our leaders try to get the team’s attention they yell “Korea” and the team responds by saying the Korean word for “Thank You”.  We appreciate your prayers for our team of 20 team members and four leaders as we train over the next two weeks at the Lord’s Boot Camp and prepare to travel to S. Korea to minister this summer.

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  1. Roger and Susan Bohot

    Thank you, leaders of the South Korea team for “interupting” your life to invest in our son, Aaron, and the rest of the South Korea Team for the summer. Thank you for mentoring him, praying for him, and encouraging him. Thank you for your instruction, guidance, counsel, and patience. Thank you for making sure Aaron stays hydrated, eats well, gets enough sleep, and that he and his tent stay clean! The leaders were not included in the list of team members so we do not even know who the leaders are, how many, your names, anything about you. We would like to know who you are and your “stories”. God knows and has given us the Holy Spirit to interceed on your behalf. We live in Minneapolis and have family and friends from 9 different states praying for your team. I think it would be really encouraging to see how many different states the combined prayer partners of the South Korea Team reaches! The prayers of the righteous availeth much! Be encouraged! You are bathed in prayer! Roger and Susan Bohot – Aaron’s parents

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