The Uganda Team Is All Here!

28 UgandaCWe finally had the whole team together for the first time this morning for breakfast! There were a few delayed flight arrivals due to storms and the last three guys came in just after “lights out” so they had the unique privilege of sleeping in the air-conditioned chapel. We got them moved into their tents after breakfast. Those of us who slept in the tent site last night found out just how hot it can be out there in the swamp! They did really well on their first early morning wakeup. The whole team was out of the tent site in 12 minutes!
A few highlights from today include watching the launch of NASA’s supply rocket and running the Obstacle Course for the first time. Unfortunately the rocket disintegrated, but it was behind a cloud from our vantage point when it happened. You can check out the reports from NASA at:
Our team did well on the obstacle course. You can see photos of the team on the obstacle course and videos of them at slough at
This afternoon we will have time to clean up and get our tents organized. Tomorrow we begin classes.
You can also see us at rally each night at


  1. God Bless you and your group Caden . May the Holy Spirit lead you to lead others to know of Christ Salvation.
    You are in our Prayers. May you all be protected by the God you serve. Grandpa and Grandma Matzke( Family friends)

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