The Zimbabwe Team Is Ready To Begin Boot Camp!

30 ZimbabweCThe Zimbabwe Team is ready to begin Boot Camp!
Team members:  Brandon, Jennifer, Leslie, Hannah, Charles, Mariah, Madison H. Jonathon, Abigail, Sadie, Grayson, Elizabeth, Alexis, Emileigh and Madison W are all present here at the Lord’s Boot Camp and up for the adventure ahead.  
We had KP Today and enjoyed serving the entire Boot Camp breakfast and then had dish duty at lunch.
We ran the Obstacle Course this morning and worked well as a team. We were pleased as leader’s to see our team members encouraging each other along the course.  
Leaders, Miss Sarah, Miss Eliza and Mrs Maher moved along the course with the team helping them along the way. A few got a bit wet in the rope swing across the Slough, but attitudes were positive. Mr. Maher is the organizer of the course and met the team at the end at the Wall.   
We all saw a space launch of a supply rocket to the Space Station. Sadly, the rocket did blow up once it got up into  the clouds. We saw a bit of strange smoke, but did not see the actual explosion from our vantage point.  
We are looking forward to the days ahead and the opportunities to grow in the Lord.  
Thank you parents for sharing your teens with us. We count it a privilege to lead your precious children this summer.  We are trusting the Lord to accomplish a good work within us and through us this summer.  


  1. What a great looking team! We are praying for you all to develop in unity over the next weeks so the Zimbabweans will hear and see the Gospel as one voice from you all! Can’t wait to hear about the great things that God will do in and through you, Abby!

  2. Yay Team Zimbabwe! So proud of you Mariah! Looking forward to all the great things God had in store for you this summer!

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