A Report From The Guatemala Team!

16 GuatemalaCIt has been so exciting to meet the team members that we had spent months praying for and looking forward to meeting. The insects were happy for “new blood” and the team members started their adaptation to heat and humidity.  In spite of the first night being a rough one, trying to sleep in a tent with another team member you are just getting to know and not having time to settle in as much as one would like,  however, they had great attitudes and were willing to give their best shot.
It was particularly encouraging and rewarding to see them come together on the Obstacle Course. Let’s just say we didn’t set any records, but they did such a great job working together and encouraging each other throughout. Our leadership team (the four of us) feel very honored and blessed to be leading such a great group of young people.


  1. Thanks for all the pics, videos and posts! Karis looks happy. I am sure she is going to love it. May God do a great work in and through everyone on all the teams this summer.

  2. The team looks great–and smiling! Praying for all of you: for stamina in the heat, cheerful hearts, and willingness to keep at this challenge! And hello to our wonderful daughter, Laura.

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