And It Continues To Rain In Bangladesh…

Greetings from the B team! 

We have been very busy working here at the campus and the children’s home. God has been faithful to us as He always is, answering prayers and giving us the strength that we need to keep going. 

Construction on the parking lot/ patio continues. Every morning we get out there and do as much as we can before the rain gets too heavy. The rain has mad our paths very muddy and the mud just sticks to our boots the shovels and the three wheelbarrows that we have. It can be discouraging sometimes because it is so hard and sometimes one wheelbarrow full of dirt does not look like anything in the whole plan but the team is doing a good job of encouraging each other to look at the bright side. Every wheelbarrow full of dirt leaving is one wheelbarrow closer to the finish line.
Working on moving the books has seen bright days as the largest category of books was finished and we are now working on smaller sections of books. The rain slows this work too but because we are able to see that we have almost filled one shipping container full of the books we have great hope and encouragement to keep going! 
Still we see rain every day and the humidity sticks around all day and night too. We have fans in our dorm rooms which help us stay cool when we go to sleep but every other night the power seems to go out and then it makes for a warm night. We did see the sun on Saturday for the first time since we have been here. There were still too many clouds to see sky but the sun was able to shine through and for our team members that live in the Southern United States, the sun made an impact on mood! 
Dehydration is something that we have to be very careful of every day and the team is now in a good habit of asking each other about how much water they have been drinking. Our water filter has been doing a great job keeping up with the high demand of water and it’s the leaders and KP’s responsibility to keep it filled. To this day we have not run out of filtered water and we thank the Lord for that. 
Here in Bangladesh, the weekend is Friday and Saturday. On Friday we went to the children’s home called Home of Hope to attend the Church service. we had a great time sitting with all the kids and they helped translate the service for us. The worship team did sing the song “Light of the World” in English and they sang the song “This is the day that the Lord has made” in Bengali but we were able to sing with them in English. This was a great experience for us all and we enjoyed being able to worship the Lord with our brothers and sisters here in this country. Friday afternoon we did our verse review and our first team verse quiz. Ben and Samuel were the first to finish their review followed closely by Abby and Talitha. During the quiz after dinner, Josh, Emma, Brady, Saumel, Magnolia and Hannah’s team won the quiz off! They all did a great job and won with 90 points.    
Saturday, we worked in the morning and cleaned up the campus that we are staying at right after lunch and then Emily made popcorn and we all played games for the rest of the afternoon. We all had a great time relaxing and playing games Ryan was on KP and loved helping make the popcorn. After games we worked on our presentation, puppets and dramas. Eddy is great at leading us in songs with his guitar. Ashley really got excited about doing a puppet show and James enjoyed watching them. Alexis runs our sound/music for dramas and puppets and everyone is working together really well! 
Montana and Keller are on KP today and they have been working really hard making lunch with Emily. Last night Jeshua was shared part of his testimony with the team and encouraged them to look into their lives and see if there is anything that they need to repent of and get their relationship with God on the right track. Even with the discouragement of the rain and the hard work, the team is coming together just like our work projects, one wheelbarrow load at a time and one book at a time. 
Thank you all for your prayers and letters we are encouraged by both of these things and we miss you all. 
Please continue to pray for us that we would have good health, good attitudes and strength. That we would continue to encourage one another and build each other up in love. 
Magnolia W 
“We made it to Bangladesh! It is amazing here. This is my first overseas missions trip and I couldn’t ask for a better place to be the first. Some facts about Bangladesh. It rains every day, the power goes out randomly anytime, the girls and the boys must be separate almost all the time, girls have to wear Shal Wars (A traditional clothing) including scarves everyday, and the Muslim call to prayer every night is very loud! I have really enjoyed my time here so far and i have learned a lot. My favorite part of the day is being at the orphanage. The kids are amazing, they are so loving and sweet, smart and they know pretty good English  It’s an amazing humbling experience to get to spend time with them almost every day. All the training and Boot Camp was worth it just to see even one of those kids smile. I finally feel like I understand some of God’s purpose for me. As I have read in Philippians 2:13 I know God has a purpose for me and I am very grateful for this opportunity and experience.”   
Keller L
“On the field God has shown me love, mercy, grace, purpose, inner-flaws and burdens I avoided, but have now chosen to face. He really is a perfect and holy Father!” 
Jeshua M
“I’m here and alive. It’s really pretty here but it rains a lot, so it makes it really hard to work. The first few times work was really hard but I now know that I am here to work and that’s why God wants me here, I can find my strength in him. I cannot wait to see what we can do in God this summer. He will do awesome things.”
Montana S 
“In case you didn’t know anything about Bangladesh, I’ll let you in on a secret – It rains a lot. They also have a lot of dirt here, so I’ll give you a little chemistry lesson; dirt plus rain equals mud, a lot of dirt plus a lot of rain equals a lot of mud. Which means for all of the people digging they get really muddy. Another thing that is different in Bangladesh is that the girls have to wear a Shal War. These outfits are super cute, don’t get me wrong, but there is a reason we only wear scarves in the winter in Georgia, there hot! We have to wear them 24/7, otherwise we will be immodest. Other than digging, we have been working on moving books into a crate in case you need to know about Bengali marriage and family we can enlighten you. Or at least show you where about 5000 plus books on marriage and family books are now stored. Our dorms here are incredibly nice! We have fans, lights, running water, showers! We are basically living in a fancy hotel until we lose power. Life overseas is pretty spectacular, we’re growing as people, as a team, and closer to God. Long story short, we’ve all survived, we all still like each other (for the most part at least), and we all seem super pumped about how God is going to work in us this summer.”
Lots of love, 
Team Hope


  1. Willie & I are praying for you all. May the Lord strengthen and encourage you!

  2. Robbin
    Do you have the Facebook page link? The one that you posted is the address to this page…

  3. Kerri, and any other parents reading this, there is a Bangladesh family page on fb,

  4. Praying for your safety and perhaps a little sunshine and fewer rainy days. So proud of you and your team! You are surrounded by the love of friends, parents and family. Love…”always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” “Faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” Blessings, Mom

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