The Ecuador Team Is Loving The Weather

05 EcuadorBuenos Dias!
We send our greetings from our wintry mountain. 
The kids are doing great here and seem to be having an amazing time working, sharing the gospel and their testimonies, and just enjoying the creation that God has set before us. 
Since Thursday, the kids have continued cleaning the roof to be painted and actually painting. It looks so good when you’re driving up the mountain and see bright blue roofs in the midst of the green and brown fields. They have also helped fix some doors around the property and have been digging for parts of the Obstacle Course. 
The team will not be going to share their presentation at the school today, but will be going tomorrow instead. They will continue with the digging and painting and hopefully be able to begin work on some plumbing as well as a covering to protect the truck from the elements. 
On Saturday, we are hoping to take the kids out for a day of fun. There is a park where they can go zip-lining, bike riding, rock climbing, and even swimming because it’s warm enough there! We are still checking on prices, but it looks doable for a special 4th of July celebration. 
Here are a few words from the team members:
Chris: First off, the experience here in is Ecuador is so much better than Boot Camp for many reasons including the weather and living conditions. Just being here to witness to children and spend time with them has been amazing. I’m looking forward to experiencing many once-in-a-lifetime things with this team. 
Ellie:Ecuador is a dream! We have been blessed with this opportunity to share Jesus in such a wonderful and friendly environment! We are still growing closer together; we’re essentially a family by now and I’m so blessed that God place these people on my team. 
Justin: I’m doing great. The view is gorgeous with this mountain and the clouds. So, yeah. 
Austin: I have been enjoying myself here. The weather reminds me of home and I like the people. 
Riley: Ecuador is the most beautiful country I have ever seen. It’s so amazing to wake up to the mountains and clouds every morning. I know God is going to do so much with our team and I can’t wait to see what He has in store. 
Hannah C.: I am so happy to be in Ecuador. We have only been here a week and I’ve already had some amazing experiences. Seeing the conditions some of the people live in and how dirty they are makes me appreciate my home and shower. Also watching how


  1. I so appreciate all the updates. It is so great to hear news of all you are doing and the Lord is doing through your team. It helps me know how to pray for the team and individuals. Love the comments from team members at the end. Thank you so much!
    Keep the updates coming. They are really appreciated. Blessings

  2. Jennifer Phelps

    Praying for the outing to the adventure park today. It sounds like everyone is working so hard and really focusing on both the physical and spiritual work to be done. I’m not sure if the leaders get to read these comments but if they do, please tell my daughter Ellie Phelps happy birthday on July 8th from all of us back here in Texas. This is the first time we have not been together to celebrate and I pray she feels the love of God surrounding her as she celebrates with her team. Happy Birthday Ellie!

  3. Is Dane’s mom, Haley?

  4. Rebecca Morgan

    So thankful for the progress on the projects and how God is using the team to reach kids for Jesus! We continue to pray for the team and all the families connected!

  5. It is so exciting to follow this group. Sending prayers!!

  6. We love the updates! Sending our love and prayers

  7. After reading the remarks from some of the team member’s gives me more insight and how to pray for the team. My grandson Dane is on your team. I am not sure if you here from your team member’s about any formers family member’s that have served with Teen Mission’s. Several of Dane’s uncle’s and aunt’s, his brother and his mom have all served. Dan’e uncle Rob & aunt Sue Ross served on staff for several years too. It’s an exciting adventure to not only travel the world and see how a large percentage of the people in the world live but most importantly be used by God to bring the message of hope we have to them.
    I live in Wisconsin and wanted you to know we are praying for you.

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