Happy Canada Day From The Uganda Team!

Uganda 7:1 -1Happy Canada Day from the Uganda Team!

Nic is proudly carrying around his Canadian flag today in honor of the holiday. This is day three of classes and that means we have already learned about Blocklaying, Layout, Concrete and Digging. They have also learned two dramas. Sara S., Sarah W. and Andrew G. really enjoy that class. 
So far we haven’t gotten the pig signs, but we haven’t won the pool yet. Our score has been at bit low (in the 70’s) for two days, so since we are not in the top three or in the bottom three, we don’t go on the stage during rally or have a chance of winning. We are working on that. Yesterday we did a deep cleaning at the tent site and today we are going to make sure the Big Top sitting area is spotless. We did find a poncho on the clothesline so that took off 10 points.
If you haven’t had a chance to watch rallies, please go back and watch them. Paul Veit the “Dino Pastor” has excellent teachings on creation and proving the events of the Bible are accurate and true. He began speaking on June 30 and will be speaking each night through July 3. You can watch all the rallies at https://www.teenmissions.org/media-center/streaming/
Today we are on KP, so we eat earlier than everyone else so we can help serve food to the rest of Boot Camp and help cleanup. Tonight we are looking forward to bar-b-que chicken fresh off the grill! 
The team is all healthy and we made it through the first big rain storm. Instead of dampening our spirits, it actually was refreshing and gave us all a bit more energy. The two nights were very hot and sticky, but now the nights are cooler and everyone is sleeping well. 
From the team:
My favorite part of Boot Camp is…
#1 Sadie T. – Rallies and team bonding
#2 Mitchell C. – OC and Bath & Laundry time
#3 Joshua T. – Paul Veit
#4 Katie R. – Rallies
#5 Caden M. – OC
#6 Bo H. – Dino Man, Mr. Bland & Widder
#7 Hannah H. – Rally, team bonding and OC
#8 Andrew G. – Drama
#9 Savannah R. – Rally, OC and Drama
#10 Sarah W. – Rally, Drama and OC
#11 Sara S. – Rally, Drama and team members
#12 Breanna W. – OC and getting to know my team
#13 Katie C. – My team and Personal Devotions time
#14 Shelby S. – Rallies and OC
#15 Ashton R. – Getting to meet everyone
#16 Nic M. – Sleep and people
#17 Levi A. – Rallies and OC
#18 Scott C. – OC and lessons
Uganda 7:1-5 Uganda 7:1-6 Uganda 7:1-4 Uganda 7:1-3 Uganda 7:1-2

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