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21 KilimanjaroCJambo from Team Kilimanjaro Backpack! Greetings from hot, humid Florida! Actually, the weather here has cooled off a little bit. Savannah was just commenting at breakfast this morning that it is so much cooler than Arrival Day. That is a combination of a little cooler temperatures and our bodies adjusting to the Florida heat. 
We have finished four full days of Boot Camp – Orientation Day and three days of classes. Team Kilimanjaro is beginning to pull together as a team. Running the Obstacle Course together each morning has been a big help; needing to work together at each obstacle in order to finish well and not disqualify means we need to learn teamwork.
We’ve had lots of firsts now – first time on the OC, first day of classes and regular Boot Camp schedule, first day on KP, first day bathing from a bucket filled with lake water, and even first SB (Special Blessing). Our team really enjoyed our KP time. We got to serve others their food at breakfast, and at lunch and supper we helped with all of the kitchen dishes. 
Our team has also had a lot of fun in our classes, even while we have been learning a whole lot. In music class, Ana has been learning to direct the team while we’re singing. Kenzie often accompanies us on her ukelele. Cortnee and Alex and JennaFaye add to the music with some great harmonies. We have so many ideas of songs to use that will engage people in Tanzania while also telling them about Jesus. 
Drama class has been a favourite of many. On the first day, almost half our team got up to learn a skit. As the actors went down a line learning their part, each person was as funny and as standout as the last. Landon, Nana, Ryan, Enoch, Caleb, and Victor all made us laugh and think. We’ve got a great bunch of actors on our team! Best of all, the drama communicates the message of Jesus’ love even if people have difficulty understanding the words being used. 
Our team hasn’t won any awards yet, so we haven’t earned any pool time. But we’ve learned how to get clean using just a bucket. We’ve also learned how to do our laundry by hand. Hopefully soon we’ll figure out how to keep our tents really clean and organized and win Cleanliness! 
Today our team is taking care of the Prayer Closet at Boot Camp. For an hour each, nine different team members are climbing the Prayer Closet steps and praying for all of Boot Camp. We’re so happy to be able to serve the other teams this way. 
Most important of all the learning we’ve done has been the learning we’ve done about God and His great love for us and His great plans for us. From devotions, to Bible-Hour classes, to rally, we have time individually and collectively to study God’s Word, worship, and pray. God is moving in our hearts and preparing us for our time of service in Tanzania. Here’s what some of the team members have to say:

“I’ve never felt more alive! Even though I’ve become the host of a disturbing amount of blisters, I couldn’t be more excited to do something. I’m learning how to really use my body as a living sacrifice.” 

“Okay, so I kind of feel like I started this trip with the wrong attitude, mostly by comparing this team to my last one, but on the first night I realized that I want this summer to be about getting to know my Savior over everything else, no matter how much I love this team, or miss my family, or my old team. So yeah. Love y’all!”

“I’m so happy to be back at Boot Camp again! I’m having a great time meeting new faces and seeing some familiar faces, too! The Lord has been reminding me a lot to rely on Him for everything and to be thankful for Him being in control over me. Boot Camp is helping me to not only admire Christ, but to become more like Him. I’m learning more and more how to set Jesus as my main role model and example fr all I do. I’m super excited to see what God is going to do in and through me and the team this summer!”

Thanks again to all our prayer partners and supporters and family. 
We love you and appreciate your prayers!
Love Team Kilimanjaro Backpack


  1. Crystal Doubleday

    Jenna and teammates: It takes courage to listen to God and follow his word. I’m sure many are feeling like Joshua when he was called to take over for Moses and was presented with many things that would make him fearful but FAITH kept him strong. This will be a mighty adventure for you all and you will touch so many lives and spread the word of Jesus.

  2. Marissa Kuntze

    It was wonderful to read the update. Thank you for the testimonies you shared. Made my heart sing. Made my eyes flow with tears of joy and worship with my Lord and King, too! Keep it up, Guys and Gals!

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