Namaste From The Nepal Team!

26 NepalCNamaste!  Greetings from the Nepal team!  Everyone has made it over the “first three day” hump which is often the hardest part of the trip.  We have really been impressed by the way everyone has been dealing with the heat, stress, and speed of Boot Camp.  In drama class, Morgan, who usually is very quiet, stepped up and took the head part of the skit, and shocked all of us.  During block-laying class, Jahson proved his exceptional ability to lay block, and really helped out by showing others how to do it.  Yesterday, we had our first “bucket laundry” time, where everyone got to experience the joy of hand washing and hanging their cloths, most of them, for the first time.  The group has bonded well, and has really started to work together as a team.  They all showed incredible teamwork on the Obstacle Course, and ended up finishing first place yesterday.  We can’t wait to get on our plane and head off for Kathmandu, but for now, everyone is alive and thriving at the Lord’s Boot Camp!

Some team member testimonies:

Jack V:  “If you took a walk around Boot Camp, what would you find? Sweaty teens packing on the gold bond like they’re sponsored by them?  Team leaders running their teams like it’s a military base?  Upon first glance, this is all true, but with a closer inspection looking through all the gold bond and bug spray, you will find that Jesus is very present at this camp.”

Carolyn: “During my time at Teen Missions Boot Camp, God has really been helping me get over my materialism.  We are limited with the number of luxury items we can bring.  I am able to see that life is worth more than the things you own.”

Shad: “Boot Camp has been going GREAT.  God has been using Boot Camp to teach me patience and has pushed me more than ever before.”

Emma-Jean: “When you first arrive at Boot Camp, you know nothing about what’s going to happen.  I found it to be the most terrifying, sweaty and amazing day.  The days went by and we got into regular routine the speeches and music we get to listen to and sing are spectacular.  One speech was about salvation.  They called us up the alter to pray if we wanted to.  That night I got to pray and give my life to Jesus.  I then officially felt a part of my team and a daughter of Christ.



  1. Cynthia Turner

    Praising the Lord with you for all He has accomplished!! Praying for each heart to feel His presence and grow immensely in their walk with Him. Praying all the fears and walls will fall and everyone will be able to be themselves and accept love and encouragement. Thank you leaders! Some have been bullied and scorned into the identity the carry, afraid to try. Praying you can love them back to who God designed them to be. God is at work at Boot Camp! We can see it in their faces during the nightly rallies! Yay Nepal Team!!

  2. Praying for you guys all day long. Thanks for the update!

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