The Holy Land Team Is Thriving At Boot Camp!

18 HolyLandCYou will be pleased to know that our team has settled in and is thriving at the Lord’s Boot Camp!  Our team has spent the last few days becoming acquainted with Teen Missions and also with each other.  The busy schedule, bathing in buckets, living in tents, doing their own laundry and just being away from home has been a culture shock for some.  All are welcoming the challenge though and are increasing in faith and drawing closer to God.  Yesterday, the hard part of Boot Camp (running the OC, attending construction classes and evangelism classes and serving SB’s) began.  Although our team is still adjusting to the long days and packed schedule, we as leaders are confident that our team will be equipped physically, mentally and spiritually when we are commissioned in two weeks to serve the Lord in the Holy Land.  We have been blessed with a compassionate, respectful, and motivated team and we thank you for sending your sons and daughters, your most precious earthly treasures, into our care for the summer.  Hopefully you are getting some quick peeks at your children during the Boot Camp rallies that are broadcasted live each night.  Here are BC testimonies from five of our team mates.  (We will include the other 10 in our next two reports.:))

Ethan – I like the OC, I like the fellowship, and I like the rally.
Casey- We are enjoying our time here at camp. The weather is hot but bearable and the food makes up for it. The rally speakers are very powerful with their messages.
Gabriel- Boot camp is tough and hot. The team is fun to be with and we work well together. We take classes learning things and I’m excited to continue on with it all. 
Moriah- It is great getting to know new people and make lifetime friends! The OC is hard and I have yet to make it over the Slough but I’m loving every minute of it. Rally is our closing service for the day and it is like a big concert with worship songs! Overall I am having a great time here in The Lord’s Boot Camp.
Miranda- Hi, this summer has been amazing so far. The OC has been pretty tricky but with God nothing is impossible. The teachings have touched a lot of hearts, so many people have been saved. Even though we have two SB’s it was fun. So parents don’t worry about your kids. They are in good hands.


  1. We watched your July 1st rally last night at our Friday night Shabbat home group. We were excited to see our Klystia Hobbs during the worship time. We miss you and we are praying for you! It sounds like the Holy Land team is doing awesome…..good scores on OC and Miss Piggy’s reports. Keep it up team we are praying for you!

    Grandma Tama…(Klystia’s Grandma)

  2. Looks like you are all having an amazing time! Loving the updates. Boy have things changed since ’91 and ’95. Praying for the Lord’s will for each of you this summer. Big hugs for each of you. (Klystia’s mom)

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