The South Korean Team Is Making The Most Of Boot Camp!

27 SKoreaCThe South Korean team is making the most of Boot Camp!  We are growing closer together and learning how to work as a team.  The team members have wonderfully positive attitudes about nearly everything that they do during their training time at the Lord’s Boot Camp.  This is the first team we’ve ever lead that gets excited to serve their S.B’s (Special Blessing Training).  
Since we are now three days into our Boot Camp training, I thought I’d share a little about what a typical day looks like for the team.  Every morning at 5:30am, our leader, Ryan, wakes up the team members, gives them five minutes to get ready, and has them gather in the center of the campsite for a quick morning prayer.  After prayer, we hike into the main part of Boot Camp for “Rapture Report” at 6am.  This is where all the teams throughout Boot Camp gather to be accounted for.  Our team then runs the Obstacle Course and eats breakfast.  Following breakfast is one of the most cherished time at Boot Camp, morning devotions.  This is a time when the entire Boot Camp is silent and team members spend 30 minutes alone with God in personal devotions.  Following devotions the team members have two hours of Bible classes which are preparing them for their time serving the Lord this summer.  After these morning Bible classes, the South Korea team has free time and our bath and laundry time.  The team members are getting pretty good at washing their clothes and bodies outside.  It is always a highlight to watch them dump an entire bucket of water over their head!  Once we are all clean, we head to lunch.  Our classes begin in the afternoon where we are taking Music, Puppets, Drama and Phonics classes.  The team members are already begining to see how these classes are preparing them for ministry in South Korea.  After we complete our classes, it’s time to clean up for dinner. After dinner we have a little bit of free time before evening rally.  The team enjoys spending this time together working on their memory verses, cheers for evening rally and just talking.  
 We are excited to say that we only have 10 more days before we commission and head to South Korea.  But for the time being, the team is enjoying every moment they are at the Lord’s Boot Camp.  We asked a few team members to share about what God has been teaching them during the past few days:
“For me, Boot Camp has been much different than what I expected.  I thought we would have more down time but we are always busy.  God has been showing me how much He loves me and that I should cast my burdens on Him daily.” – Abby Roots
“Boot Camp has been an experience for sure, but I’ve learned a lot and gotten to know my team in the last few days pretty well.  It has been a challenge, but one I’m sure I will benefit from!  But I’m excited to take a real shower! 🙂 “ – Gillian Dobrenski
“This summer God has been teaching me trust.  He is putting me in situations where I am forced to lean on Him of support.  I pray that He keeps preparing me throughout the summer for everything we face.” – Wynter Hilbun
“This summer God has been teaching me to rely on Him for everything.  He has also been teaching me to find joy in every situation.” – Erinn Foy
“Boot Camp is a life-changing experience.  It’s been a battle to overcome doubt of God’s presence here, but I prayed and asked Ryan Fast to tell me a verse to fight back at the devil.  He gave me Hebrews chapter 11-12.  This is exactly what I needed.  So far we have gotten two team SB’s.  Every day we have won 3rd place for the clean award, but we really want to win first and the pool.  Thank you for your prayers.  I love and miss my family and can’t wait to share these experiences with you.  South Korea here I come.  p.s. I hope the poofball isn’t terrorizing my parents too much.” – Sarah Robinson
Erin Fast


  1. Roger and Susan Bohot

    Thank you for taking the time to post such nice details about what the team is doing. Thank you, too, for allowing some of the team members to post what God is doing and what they are learning. It is excited to hear the good reports from the team members that we have been praying for the last few months. Praying for you! Roger and Susan Bohot – Aaron’s parents

  2. Rodney and Joyce Symes

    We are enjoying seeing the webcast of the evening rally. The songs are great and the messages are inspiring. We are spending a lot of time praying for your team, that God will reveal His power and love and protection to each of you and enable you to show Him to each other and to people in South Korea when you get there. Lots of Love, from Grandparents Rodney and Joyce Symes

  3. I’m so glad to read this report! I miss my girl, but it sounds like she is with a good group. 🙂

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