And It Has Stopped Raining In Bangladesh!

Bangladesh7:2#1Greetings from Bangladesh! We are excited to let you all know that we have completed one of our jobs of moving all the books from where they were and sorting and stacking them into a shipping container that will better be able to keep them organized and protected!

On the digging project for the parking lot work goes on. Yesterday the team was able to dig and move over 100 wheelbarrows full of dirt to the place where we are dumping it! That was a huge accomplishment and it got them all pretty excited. Today they set their sights higher and once again did more than 100 wheelbarrow loads.

The rain has been gone for the past few days but the Lord has been good to us by providing dark clouds to block the sun and keep it at least a little cooler.

Because the books are finished, we have taken on the task of sorting clothes at the Home of Hope. Every morning we will be going over there and sorting through the clothes that they have, organizing them into barrels for distribution.

We praise the Lord that it has stopped raining for these past few days. The path that we have to take to dump the dirt is downhill and it can be very hard when it’s wet. Since it has been dry we have had some time to really pack down the road that we made out of bricks to
get down the hill and that has increased our speed tremendously. The dirt is also so much easier to work with when it’s not all wet and
sticky. Thank you for your prayers in holding off the rain for a few days it has been a nice change.

We are still able to go to the Home of Hope every afternoon and work with the kids there. This week the kids have finished their school for
the holiday and instead there time is filled with work, games and workshops. Our team has been able to help in all of these areas. We
have worked with them on their projects, played games with them and even helped be team leaders for the workshops. The past three days the kids at Home of Hope have been working on crafts and each of the members of our team has been a leader on these projects to help guide the creative ideas into something that the kids at Home of Hope can make. The kids have an assortment of items at their disposal that they can use to help make what they want to make. Some of the teams undertook projects like making binoculars out of toilet paper tubes and soda bottles. One group was making a small house and garden with cardboard and super glue and one group was even working on making a tea cup out of plastic!

Ben Kostner – “So far on my trip to Bangladesh God has showed and taught me a lot. The work that we are doing is difficult and tiring. But I have learned through my devotions and others that I need to keep a positive attitude and push through it. Also that with God anything can be done.”

Samuel Chicas –  “It’s amazing to see God’s work here in Bangladesh ever since we got here the Lord has taught me many great things. I have also become very close to the Lord and made good friends when we go to the orphanage and play with the kids it’s fun to see the different culture, and what kind of games they like cricket, foursquare, soccer and many others.
That’s all for now!”

Thank you for your prayers! We miss you all very much and throughout the day wonder what our families must be up to. We are excited about the work that is happening here and our prayer is that we are impacting and preparing lives for an eternity with Jesus. Please
continue to pray for our work here that our labor would not be in vain, that we would be an encouragement to one another and to the
missionaries here and that we would continue to work together as a team for the good of others and for the glory of God! May He be
Praised and lifted high forever!
God bless you all,
Team Hope




  1. Norma Joy Rogers

    Hi Tessa, We are so glad for the wonderful time you had in a far different culture than the one in which you live.
    I hope you have enjoyed every minute of it… and that you have grown in the Lord through this experience. God
    bless you and use you to influence other young people in your church and neighborhood to desire a walk with our
    Savior. BE available. Love, Grandma and Grandpa

    Here is a link to the facebook family and friends page for anyone with a teen on the Bangladesh team.

  3. Thank you for all the updates. We love the pictures. If you are able, tell Brady that Jodi’s mom is doing much better after her mini stroke. She even went walking today at the park for a mile and is speaking and writing much better. Thank you all for the prayers.
    Home here is boring, you’re not missing much. God bless you all!

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