And It Is Hot In Switzerland?

Switzerland 7:2#2Good afternoon from VERY hot Einigen, Switzerland! 

Since our last report on Monday, the progress on the work continues, but not at the pace we might like. The only other job we have been given thus far involved helping move bales of hay on Tuesday afternoon, which involved only three team members and was quickly accomplished. 
Weather is VERY HOT – far above normal for this area at any time of year. Temperatures are running very near or slightly over 100 degrees Farenheit all this week – at least through Saturday. There has been no rain since our arrival. We are thankful for that as the location of our tents would result in VERY wet tents if it does…
Our goals are to continue on with the painting project (which includes, of course, all the prep work as well) and do our best, pay attention to the details on prep work AND painting so as to do this project with excellence for God.
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  1. Alene looks right at home. We are having the same type of weather here in the Pacific Northwest. With the mountains, hills and the Columbia river here at her home I hope she’s not TOO disappointed that it looks too much like home. There is quite a Swiss population on the west coast here in the states. Here in the NW there are a number of Swiss societies to gather for special events. To bad that you won’t be there during the first part of August to experience their independence. It’s quite an event. The boys should experience the Swiss wrestling and the girls, too.

    Have you been able to experience the local foods. My dad’s sister, my Aunt Ida, always had pastries at hand when we would visit the farm. If you can try the Swiss pear roll with coffee or a cold glass of milk you would be in for a treat. Do you hear the cow bells?

    With all that aside I hope and pray that there is great growth in Christ for all, both those who live there and the team.

    Say “Happy Birthday” on the 5th of July to Alene from her mom. dad, sisters and JoJo.

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