Another Report From The Guatemala Team At Boot Camp

16 GuatemalaCThe Guatemala team is really coming together.  The Drama teacher has been especially impressed how enthusiastic the team is and how well they are doing in the dramas.  We leaders have been impressed how they are quick to encourage one another as well as pray for each other. Today was our second day on the Obstacle Course and, although we got DQ’d for going outside the boundary once, we finished the course and got 10 over the 12 foot wall.  
It is a challenge to get 30 of us (including the four leaders) everywhere we need to get in the very short time allotted. We have had three drama classes, three music classes, three Block Laying and one class of Layout, Digging, and Concrete.
We asked some of the team members for something to share:
Abigail: “I’m enjoying drama & music as expected, but also enjoying Block Laying which I didn’t expect.”
Addison: “Connecting with the team very well.”
Alex: “I’m growing closer to the Lord and making awesome friends.”
Aliza: Having fun & growing close to the team and God.”
Andrew: “I like rally a lot.  I miss you guys too”.
Barnabas: “Getting closer as a team and hearing God’s voice”
Christiana: “There are a lot of challenges here, but they are stretching me in a good way.”
The weather from from really hot and humid, to just hot and humid. The last few nights have cooled down, which makes sleeping better.
The team members have really been touched by the Lord through the messages in the mornings and evenings.
Seeing the snakes, armadillos, lizards, frogs, and turtles, no longer elicit the response they did the first couple of days.


  1. We are so excited to get to follow how the group is doing and catch a glimpse of Braeden in photos and the videos of the rally nights!! We are jealous and would love to join in on all the fun too. We will continue to pray for everyone. God is good!

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