Malawi I Has Drilled Down 63 Feet!

Malawi 7:1 #9Sixty-three feet! That’s right the Malawi I drill team has drilled 63 feet!! We are going to start reaming out,“making the hole lager,” then we will be putting the submersible pump down to see how much water we are getting from it. Most of the things we have drilled through has been sand and clay. The team is really excited to be making progress. The drilling has gone fairy smoothy which has been a huge answer to prayer. Please keep the prayers coming!



Not all the team members can be on the drill at the same time. So what do the rest do? Well, it’s not an easy job. They have to keep anywhere from 50 to 200 kids away from the drill. They spend the day playing games, telling Bible stories, teaching phonics and anything else they can think of to keep the kids away from the drill. We also have a really cool thing called a Sabar. It is a device that is run by cranking it and it plays songs and stories in the local language. Alethia was using it and had about 100 kids around her listening to the story of Adam and Eve. We have not seen any kids come to Christ yet but we are praying that some will before we leave.



I wish I could put into words the beautiful sunsets the team experiences every night. As the sun slowly fades over the lake. Beautiful pinks, blues and reds shine through the clouds. Even though the team is away from the many comforts of home, they are blessed by God’s beautiful creation. Thank you for your prayers, parentsand family, we can feel them! Malawi I7:1#1Malawi I 7:1 #3

Malawi 1 7:1#2Malawi 7:1-#5Malawi 7:1 #8 Malawi 7:1 #7

Malawi 7:1 #6



  1. Wow! Jesus is so good! Thank you for lithe updates and pics! You are all Amazing and is much as I know we, your family and friends are proud of you, I know The Lord is even more pleased! Praying for each of you, great things and deeper revelation of who you are in Christ! Special hello to Isaac and Noah! Love you!

  2. Praying for team Malawi, can’t wait to hear what God does through this amazing group!

  3. Leslie and Loren Wiens

    I love hearing about the work and seeing all the African children and families. Congratulations team, for the digging and the love you are showing. To God be the glory. Its neat to see all the other “grown up” comments as well.

  4. Tonnie Van Wieren

    We’re praying from afar. We’re so proud of you, Brayden!

  5. Oh my goodness, thanks for the update and pictures on team Malawi! We are so proud of all of you and are keeping the prayers going!

  6. Heather Andreasen

    Great job Malawi team! We are SO proud of each of you! Keep up the hard work for Him!!! God bless!

  7. So fascinating to see the pictures of people in the village watching the drilling. They must be so excited to get clean water! We are praying for you!!!

  8. Me too! Happy tears!! Praying for you guys and sending love to all!! So proud of you, Alethia!!! Love you!

  9. Jacqui Daugherty

    This brings me tears of great joy!! Malawi team, we are so proud of you! Keep going and know what a huge difference you are making!

  10. Can’t tell you how happy this update makes me! Thank you! Go team Malawi 1! Keep up the good work. You are in my prayers. So good to see your smiling faces. 🙂

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