Switzerland Report #3 That Was Lost In Cyberspace

Switzerland 7:2 #5Good afternoon from lovely Einigen, Switzerland! 

Our focus since the last report has been on preparing one section of the building for painting, and the preparation work was completed on Friday, so Saturday, painting began. The “rush” for this particular section is because a wedding will be held there late this week, and that section of the scaffolding needs to come down. For the most part, the team is working well, and progress is as, or ahead of what was expected.
The weather continues to be beautiful! It has been hotter – maybe even in the upper 80s to low 90s, but in the absence of intense humidity, it is quite tolerable – pleasant, in fact. We thought there might be some rain over the weekend, but none materialized. Today we have high clouds, nice breeze and comfortable temperatures. This is very important to the project, too, because the most effective outdoor painting is accomplished in these sort of conditions.
As for outstanding experience – knowing we are ahead of where YWAM expected is pretty exciting. Sunday afternoon, all team members who were caught up on their Bible memory work went on a walk-about and really enjoyed that. Every day, waking up to and working surrounded by such beauty and granduer is a tremendously outstanding experience.
Memory verse review was held yesterday. As of yesterday, a few team members were a bit behind on their verses, but by bed time were caught up. We didn’t have a local church to go to, so we had a small service here. Stephanie led singing and David shared a teaching about the Bible from notes in his  Evidence Bible. 
Team members rotate on KP – one girl and one guy daily – girls have KP every 6th day and guys every 9th day. 
Evening team devotions were led last Thursday by Nathaniel Bay, Friday by Elisabeth Parsons, Saturday by Seamus Thompson, and Sunday was led by Nathan Campbell.
Elijah Best writes: “This mission has really improved my relationship with God so much! His love has spread through me and makes me want to share it. I wish my family would send me more letters, but the rest of my trip is a blast. Seeing on of the Lord’s most beautiful creations has caused me to realize the true infinite power God has on us and everything around us. When I return home, I hope to spread this realization with my family and friends who need Jesus.”
Isaac Beals writes: “With all the trials I’m facing, it’s easy to just complain. But in all of it, God’s teaching me to look for joy despite what it is. It says to find joy in trials in James 1:2-4, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.”
Nathan Campbell writes: “So far the time in Switzerland has been pretty great. We arrived safely and got settled in. There are a bunch of horses around the property which I didn’t expect and two of the horses were saved from slaughter. We just began painting on a building (after washing, sanding, and scraping every part of it.) The building that we are working on is going to be used for a wedding this Saturday.”
Johana Martinez writes: “This first week in Switzerland has been a time of growth for me. I have come to cherish morning devotions more and more because the Lord is the one who supplies all of my strength. He has been filling my heart with joy and peace and I praise Him for that! His beautiful creation all around me has been really encouraging also! Learning to  be part of a team is something I have been growing in also. I know that Christ is the one that is uniting us as a team, and I am so thankful for that.”
Micah Winget writes: “I feel like God is working on me during this trip. The work project is going well. Switzerland is a beautiful country.”
Malachi Loos writes: “Ever since landing the Lord has shown me a lot as to how important it is to have good team work and a personal relationship with God!”


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